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ricko dewilde

Wilderness, Tradition, and Love: The Extraordinary Life of Ricko DeWilde and His Alaskan Family

Ricko DeWilde is widely recognized as one of the prominent cast members of National Geographic’s hit show, Life Below Zero. However, his impact reaches far beyond reality television. DeWilde is a passionate Native American rights activist and a successful entrepreneur, having founded his clothing line called Hydz.

While he doesn’t venture into the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness with his family like some of his co-stars, he keeps his children and their mother, Rona Vent, in the comfort of Fairbanks.

Growing Up in the Koyukuk Region

Ricko DeWilde was born and raised in the Koyukuk region, spending his first 18 years in a cabin about 100 miles away from the small town of Huslia. Alongside his thirteen siblings, he was raised by his parents in this remote and rugged environment. The fast-paced nature of nearby towns, like Huslia, with its population of 275 people, felt overwhelming to young Ricko.

Finding a Balance Between Wilderness and Modern Life

Now residing in Fairbanks with his family, Ricko DeWilde strives to strike a balance between his love for the wilderness and the demands of modern living. While he pursues his passion for hunting and gathering, he also embraces the comforts of city life. This duality creates a unique blend of experiences for him and his loved ones.

Ricko DeWilde’s Children and Family Life

Ricko DeWilde and Rona Vent are proud parents to five children: Simone, Skarlett, Maya, Skyler, and Keenan. Their family dynamic centers around preserving traditional hunting and gathering practices and passing these valuable skills to the younger generation.

Simone DeWilde: The Eldest Sibling

As the oldest of five siblings, Simone DeWilde is a promising young adult. Born on June 5, 2004, Simone graduated from high school in Fairbanks. She may pursue higher education, showcasing her athleticism through her passion for basketball.

Skyler Blue DeWilde: Following in His Father’s Footsteps

Skyler Blue DeWilde, the second oldest sibling, demonstrates remarkable responsibility at 12. Celebrating his birthday on June 15, Skyler eagerly assists his father on hunting trips and has even handled chainsaws.

His involvement in hunting expeditions has made him integral to his father’s pursuits.

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Embracing the Challenges and Rewards of Family Life

Ricko DeWilde’s dedication to his family and preserving Native American traditions is evident in his work on and off the screen.

While he navigates the delicate balance between the wilderness and modern living, his commitment to passing down valuable skills to his children remains unwavering. With his strong family bond and entrepreneurial endeavors, Ricko DeWilde continues to inspire others through his multifaceted journey in life.

Skarlett Haze DeWilde: Embracing Native American Traditions

Skarlett Haze DeWilde, the third sibling in the DeWilde family, follows in the footsteps of her older sister Simone and brother Skyler.

While her exact age and date of birth remain unknown, Scarlett has already embraced her Native American heritage and begun practicing hunting and shooting skills alongside her father, Ricko DeWilde.

Keenan Nulitna DeWilde: The Youngest Son’s Adventures

As the youngest son in the DeWilde family, Keenan Nulitna DeWilde’s exact age remains undisclosed. However, available images show he is estimated to be around eight or nine in 2023.

Keenan actively joins Ricko and his older siblings on hunting expeditions into the harsh Alaskan wilderness.

Maya DeWilde: Rocko’s Youngest Child

Maya DeWilde, the youngest child of Ricko DeWilde, adds youthful energy to the family dynamic. Celebrating her birthday on January 10 each year, Maya turned six recently and enjoyed a grand pink-themed party for her fifth birthday.

Despite her young age, Maya is not left behind when learning essential skills for surviving the Alaskan wilderness. Maya shares a close bond with her brother Keenan, often seen together, resembling twin siblings in their adventures.

The Relationship Status of Ricko DeWilde and Rona Vent

While Ricko DeWilde and Rona Vent share five children, including Skarlett, Keenan, and Maya, it is unclear if they are married. Distractify notes that they have not confirmed their marital status despite their long-term relationship.

The couple has been together for at least two decades, evident from the age of their eldest daughter. Rona, a member of the Alaska Native Athabascan group, shares Ricko’s love for the wilderness and traditional hunting practices. However, she maintains a private life, avoiding public appearances on the show and refraining from having a public social media account.

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Growing Up in a Large Family

Ricko DeWilde’s upbringing was rooted in a close-knit family with 17 members, including his parents, Lloyd and Amelia, and his 14 siblings. The family resided in a log cabin along the Koyukuk River, which they built through collective efforts.

Their mother, Amelia, would even pile snow pants and warm clothes on them during cold nights. Ricko and his siblings were homeschooled until high school, emphasizing the importance of family bonds and survival skills.

Preserving Family Traditions

Despite the passage of time and the loss of their parents, the DeWilde siblings still gather to celebrate family traditions and special occasions.

Additionally, he showcases the talents of his sister Selina, who creates and sells Native American crafts, specializing in wolf and grizzly claw necklaces. Through their continued connection and shared traditions, the DeWilde siblings cherish their bond and the memories of their unique upbringing in the Alaskan wilderness.


Who are Ricko DeWilde’s children?

Ricko DeWilde has five children: Simone, Skarlett, Maya, Skyler, and Keenan.

What is the age range of Ricko DeWilde’s children?

The ages of Ricko DeWilde’s children vary, with Simone being the oldest and Keenan being the youngest. However, specific periods have not been disclosed.

Does Ricko DeWilde’s family live in Fairbanks?

Yes, Ricko DeWilde and his family reside in Fairbanks, Alaska.

What is Ricko DeWilde’s occupation besides being a reality television star?

Ricko DeWilde is also a Native American rights activist and an entrepreneur with his clothing line called Hydz.

Are Ricko DeWilde and Rona Vent married?

The marital status of Ricko DeWilde and Rona Vent is unclear, as they have not confirmed their official position. They have been in a long-term relationship for at least two decades.

What is the background of Ricko DeWilde’s family?

Ricko DeWilde grew up in the Koyukuk region of Alaska with his parents and thirteen siblings. His parents, Lloyd and Amelia, raised their family in a log cabin near Huslia.

What skills does Ricko DeWilde teach his children?

Ricko DeWilde is passionate about passing down traditional hunting and gathering skills to his children, ensuring they are connected to their Native American heritage.

Does Ricko DeWilde’s family participate in the same outdoor activities as him?

While Ricko DeWilde ventures into the Alaskan wilderness for hunting and gathering, his family primarily resides in Fairbanks. However, his children join him on hunting trips and are involved in learning survival skills.

Are Ricko DeWilde’s children active on social media?

Some of Ricko DeWilde’s children, such as Simone, have public social media accounts, while others, like Skarlett and Keenan, do not have public statements now.

What are some of the family traditions celebrated by Ricko DeWilde and his siblings?

Ricko DeWilde and his siblings continue to cherish family traditions, coming together for special occasions and celebrating their unique upbringing in the Alaskan wilderness.

Does Ricko DeWilde’s family continue to live a traditional lifestyle?

While Ricko DeWilde and his family embrace traditional hunting and gathering practices, they also navigate the challenges of modern living in Fairbanks, finding a balance between wilderness and contemporary life.

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