maddie lagina
maddie lagina

The Lagina Family: Oak Island’s Treasure Hunters and Their Accomplished Children

Marty Lagina and his brother Rick Lagina are known for their persistent curiosity and involvement in the treasure-hunting business on Oak Island. Let’s explore more about Marty’s children, Maddie Lagina and Alex Lagina, who have grown up alongside their family’s intriguing venture.

The Lagina Brothers and the Curse of Oak Island

Marty and Rick Lagina gained fame through the reality show “The Curse of Oak Island,” which premiered on the History Channel. The show follows the Lagina brothers as they utilize expensive and advanced machinery to unravel the island’s hidden treasure.

Mysteries and Anonymous Objects on Oak Island

Mysteries and tales of hidden treasure surround Oak Island. Over the years, numerous anonymous objects have been discovered on the island, adding to its enigmatic allure.

Marty Lagina’s Family: Marriage to Margarita and Children’s Career Choices

Marty Lagina is married to Margarita Olivia Lagina after a long-term relationship. Together, they have two children: Maddie Lagina and Alex Lagina. While Marty and Rick focus on their treasure-hunting endeavors, their children have pursued their career paths.

Alex Lagina: Mechanical Engineer and Oak Island Enthusiast

Marty’s first child Alex Lagina was born in 1987, making him 35 years old. He is a mechanical engineer and a graduate of Michigan College of Engineering. Alex shares his father’s passion for exploring Oak Island and has actively joined the family business in the treasure-hunting endeavor.

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Maddie Lagina: Building a Career in Science

Maddie Lagina, born on March 30, 1990, is Marty’s younger child. She is three years younger than her brother Alex and will turn 32 in 2022. Unlike her brother, Maddie chose a different path and pursued her interest in science. She graduated from Emory University with a double degree in Medicine and Public Health.

A Private Life and Personal Ambitions

Maddie Lagina prefers to keep her personal life private and is uncomfortable revealing details to the public. She has no interest in reality TV shows and has chosen to carve her career path distinct from the family business. Maddie’s dedication to her studies and passion for science drives her ambitions in medicine and public health.

Grown-Up Lagina Children Making Their Mark

Maddie and Alex Lagina, in their thirties, have come into their own and are making their marks in their respective fields. While Alex continues exploring the mysteries of Oak Island alongside his father and uncle, Maddie focuses on her career in medicine and public health, forging her path outside reality TV shows.

The Lagina family’s commitment to their pursuits reflects their passion and determination, creating a legacy that extends beyond the enigmatic treasures of Oak Island.

Maddie Lagina: Science Enthusiast and Physician

Maddie Lagina chose to venture outside Oak Island’s realm and pursue her passion for science. She attended Traverse City Central High School before continuing her education at Emory University. Maddie obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and went on to pursue a master’s program. Eventually, she graduated with a double degree in Medicine and Public Health.

At 33 years old, Maddie is deeply dedicated to her career. Following her master’s degree, she began working as a physician at Michigan Medicine in Ann Arbor. Before that, she gained valuable experience as a research intern at the Georgia Spine and Neurosurgery Center. Additionally, Maddie worked as a medical assistant for a few months, further expanding her expertise in the field.

Alex Lagina: Mechanical Engineer and Oak Island Enthusiast

Driven by his curiosity about Captain Kidd’s treasure on Oak Island, Alex Lagina immersed himself in the family business after completing his education. With a background in mechanical engineering, Alex has become an integral part of the treasure-hunting endeavors alongside his father, Marty, and his uncle, Rick.

Viewers of “The Curse of Oak Island” have witnessed Alex’s contributions to exploring and excavating the island’s mysteries. His mechanical engineering skills and passion for unraveling the enigma of Oak Island have proven invaluable to the Lagina family’s pursuit.

Marty Lagina: Family, Marriage, and Oak Island Journey

Marty Lagina, born in 1955 in Kingsford, Michigan, is an American engineer known for his involvement in the reality show “The Curse of Oak Island.” The series, spanning ten seasons, showcases the Lagina brothers utilizing various advanced machinery to uncover the secrets hidden within the treasure-laden island.

Marty married his longtime girlfriend, Margarita Olivia Lagina, and the couple has enjoyed a happy marriage for over 35 years. They have two children involved in different aspects of their family’s ventures. While their son, Alex, joins them in the treasure-hunting business on Oak Island, their daughter, Maddie, has chosen a medical career.

A Lifelong Passion for Treasure Hunting

Marty Lagina’s fascination with Oak Island’s treasure began when he and his brother, Rick Lagina, stumbled upon stories in Readers Digest. Intrigued by the tales, they turned their passion for treasure hunting into a lifelong pursuit, forming an inseparable bond as brothers and business partners.

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The Reality Show Fame and Personal Life

Marty Lagina’s popularity grew significantly through his appearance on “The Curse of Oak Island,” drawing fans into his personal life and captivating treasure-hunting endeavors. However, Marty’s dedication to exploring Oak Island extends far beyond the show, as it has become a lifelong passion for him and his family.

The Lagina Brothers’ Legacy

The Lagina brothers, Marty and Rick, have captivated audiences with their treasure-hunting expeditions on Oak Island. Their partnership, curiosity, and unwavering determination have created a legacy beyond television entertainment. With Maddie and Alex following their career paths while being part of the family’s endeavors, the Lagina family’s involvement in Oak Island’s mystery continues to intrigue and inspire.


Who are Marty Lagina’s children?

Marty Lagina has two children named Maddie Lagina and Alex Lagina.

What is Maddie Lagina’s profession?

Maddie Lagina is a physician who specializes in medicine and public health.

What is Alex Lagina’s profession?

Alex Lagina is a mechanical engineer actively involved in the family’s treasure-hunting business on Oak Island.

How old is Maddie Lagina?

Maddie Lagina turned 32 years old in 2022.

How old is Alex Lagina?

Alex Lagina is currently 35 years old.

How long has Marty Lagina been married?

Marty Lagina has been married to Margarita Olivia Lagina for over 35 years.

Are Maddie and Alex Lagina involved in the Oak Island treasure-hunting business?

While Alex Lagina actively participates in the family’s treasure-hunting endeavors on Oak Island, Maddie Lagina has chosen a career outside the family business. She focuses on her profession as a physician.

What is the Lagina brothers’ show called?

The Lagina brothers star in the reality show “The Curse of Oak Island,” where they search for hidden treasures using advanced machinery.

What is Marty Lagina’s fascination with Oak Island?

Marty Lagina’s fascination with Oak Island’s treasure began when he and his brother, Rick Lagina, discovered stories about it in Readers Digest. This sparked their lifelong passion for treasure hunting.

How many seasons of “The Curse of Oak Island” are there?

“The Curse of Oak Island” has aired ten seasons to date.

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