kori madison federline
kori madison federline

From Blended Families to Sibling Bonds: The Intriguing Story of Kori Madison Federline and Her Brothers and Sisters

Kori Madison Federline, born on July 31, 2002, is the daughter of renowned American music artist Kevin Federline and actress Shar Jackson. Explore the fascinating details of her family life and relationships.

The Journey Begins: On-Screen Debut and Media Attention

At 20, Kori Madison Federline made her first on-screen appearance in the documentary series “True Hollywood Story” in 2005. Produced by E! Entertainment Television and Wilshire Studios, the series shed light on her family’s intriguing love life, garnering significant media attention.

Complex Family Ties: Kevin Federline and Shar Jackson’s Relationships

Kori’s parents, Kevin Federline and Shar Jackson have had relationships with different partners, leading to an extended kinship among their offspring. While Kevin and Shar share two children, they have six half-brothers and sisters from their respective relationships.

Sibling Lineup: Kori Madison Federline’s Brothers and Sisters

Here’s a table summarizing the birth dates and ages of Kori Madison Federline’s siblings:

Sibling NameDate of BirthAge
Donovan JacksonJune 23, 199329 years
Cassalei Monique JacksonSeptember 20, 199527 years
Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline (Kori’s biological brother)July 20, 200418 years
Sean Preston FederlineSeptember 14, 200517 years
Jayden James FederlineSeptember 12, 200616 years
Jordan FederlineAugust 15, 201111 years
Peyton Marie FederlineApril 4, 2014Eight years

Kevin Federline: Rapper, Actor, and Model

Kori Madison Federline’s father, Kevin Federline, is a well-known rapper, actor, dancer, and model. He gained recognition in the entertainment industry with a career that began as a backup dancer for prominent celebrities like Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Destiny’s Child.

Shar Jackson: Actress and Singer

Kori Madison Federline’s mother, Shar Jackson, is an accomplished actress and singer. Best known for her role as Niecy Jackson in the series “Moesha,” Shar has showcased her talent and versatility in the entertainment world.

The Journey Beyond Lives and Relationships

Both Kevin Federline and Shar Jackson have experienced high-profile relationships and divorces. Kevin’s marriage to pop singer Britney Spears drew significant attention, while Shar’s journey includes relationships with her high school boyfriend Corey Jackson and her engagement to Kevin Federline.

A Multi-Talented Personality: Shar Jackson’s Career and Education

Shar Jackson’s career spans acting, singing, and modeling. With notable roles in the sitcom “Moesha” and a background in psychology and forensic science, she is a multi-faceted artist who has pursued her passions and academic aspirations.

Stay Connected: Follow Shar Jackson on Instagram

To keep up with Shar Jackson and her endeavors, you can find her on Instagram under the handle @shar_jackson, where she has amassed a fan following of over 103K.

The Ever-Growing Family: A Blend of Love and Relationships

Kori Madison Federline’s family dynamic showcases a diverse and blended family with a mix of biological and half-siblings. Despite the complexities, the love and bond within the family endure, providing a unique and ever-growing kinship.

Sibling Bonds: Two Older Half-Brothers from Her Mother’s Side

Kori Madison Federline shares a special bond with her two older half-siblings from her mother’s side. Shar Jackson, Kori’s mother, was previously in a relationship with her high school sweetheart, Corey Jackson. During their time together, Shar became a loving mother to two children.

Donovan Jackson: The Eldest Half-Brother

Donovan Jackson, also known as Donnie, is the oldest among Kori’s half-siblings. Born on June 23, 1993, Donovan gained some spotlight when he made a guest appearance in the reality show “The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition” in 2016. As the first child of Shar Jackson and Corey Jackson, Donovan holds a special place within the family, being a year older than his sister Cassalei and nine years senior Kori.

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Cassalei Monique Jackson: The Accomplished Half-Sister

Cassalei Monique Jackson, Kori’s half-sister, has made a name for herself as a notable TV personality. In 2021, Cassalei starred in the reality series “Naked and Afraid of Love,” where participants navigated the challenges of finding love while enduring harsh environments.

Previously, she appeared in various TV shows such as “Hollywood Today Live” and “The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition.” Cassalei, born on September 20, 1995, shares a special bond with Kori, despite their eight-year age gap.

Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline: Kori’s Biological Brother

Kori Madison Federline’s only biological sibling is her younger brother, Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline. Kaleb was born on July 20, 2004, two years younger than Kori. While Kaleb hasn’t actively pursued a professional career in the entertainment industry, his lineage and famous parents have attracted media attention. As the child of Kevin Federline and Shar Jackson, Kaleb adds a unique presence to the Federline family dynamic.

The Younger Half-Siblings: Building Bonds and Growing Together

Kori Madison Federline’s family also consists of four younger half-siblings, each adding their colors to the tapestry of kinship. These siblings stem from Kevin Federline’s relationships with Britney Spears and his partner, Victoria Prince.

Sean Preston Federline: Kevin’s First Child with Britney Spears

Sean Preston Federline, born September 14, 2005, is Kevin Federline’s first child with pop sensation Britney Spears. At 17 years old, Sean takes on the role of the older brother to both Jayden and Kori. Despite the challenges that come with famous parents, Sean maintains a significant bond with his extended family.

Jayden James Federline: The Second Child with Britney Spears

Jayden James Federline, born on September 12, 2006, is the second child of Kevin Federline and Britney Spears. At 16, Jayden ventured into acting, appearing in films like “Kaikahu Road” and “The Mile.” As Kori’s step-brother, Jayden adds a unique dynamic to their blended family.

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Jordan Kay Federline: The First Child with Victoria Prince

Ordan Kay Federline, born on August 15, 2011, is Kevin Federline’s first child with his current partner, Victoria Prince. As an 11-year-old, Jordan takes on the role of the elder sister to Peyton Marie and shares a close bond with her step-sister, Kori.

Peyton Marie Federline: The Youngest Addition to the Family

Peyton Marie Federline, born on April 4, 2014, completes the sibling ensemble. As Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince’s second child, Peyton adds a youthful spirit to the Federline family. With an age difference of 12 years from Kori, Peyton’s presence brings joy and vitality to their extended family gatherings.

Family Ties That Bind: Creating Lasting Memories

Kori Madison Federline’s life is enriched by the bonds she shares with her older half-siblings, Donovan and Cassalei, her biological brother Kaleb, and her younger half-siblings, Sean Preston, Jayden James, Jordan Kay, and Peyton Marie. Their diverse journeys and interconnected lives create a tapestry of love, support, and shared experiences that will shape their lives for years.

FAQs about Kori Madison Federline and Her Siblings

Who are Kori Madison Federline’s siblings?

Kori Madison Federline has several siblings, including two older half-siblings from her mother’s side, Donovan Jackson and Cassalei Monique Jackson, and her biological brother, Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline. She also has younger half-siblings from her father’s relationships: Sean Preston Federline, Jayden James Federline, Jordan Federline, and Peyton Marie Federline.

What are the ages of Kori Madison Federline’s siblings?

Here are the ages of Kori Madison Federline’s siblings based on the information provided:

  • Donovan Jackson: 29 years old
  • Cassalei Monique Jackson: 27 years old
  • Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline: 18 years old
  • Sean Preston Federline: 17 years old
  • Jayden James Federline: 16 years old
  • Jordan Federline: 11 years old
  • Peyton Marie Federline: 8 years old

Who are Kori Madison Federline’s parents?

Kori Madison Federline is the daughter of Kevin Federline and Shar Jackson.

What is Kevin Federline known for?

Kevin Federline is a rapper, actor, dancer, and model. He gained fame as a backup dancer for renowned artists such as Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Destiny’s Child. He has also released music as a solo artist.

What is Shar Jackson known for?

Shar Jackson is an actress and singer known for her role as Niecy Jackson in the sitcom “Moesha.” She has also appeared in various TV shows and pursued a music career.

How many siblings does Kori Madison Federline have?

Kori Madison Federline has six siblings: two older half-siblings from her mother’s side and four younger half-siblings from her father’s relationships.

Are Kori Madison Federline’s siblings involved in the entertainment industry?

Some of Kori Madison Federline’s siblings have ventured into the entertainment industry. Cassalei Monique Jackson has appeared in reality TV shows, including “Naked and Afraid of Love,” and Jayden James Federline has acted in films such as “Kaikahu Road” and “The Mile.”

How can I follow Shar Jackson on social media?

You can find Shar Jackson on Instagram under the handle @shar_jackson, where she has a significant fan following of over 103K.

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