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nettie stanley

The Complex Life of Nettie Stanley: Motherhood, Reality TV, and Personal Struggles

Nettie Stanley, known for her appearances on “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” and “Gypsy Sisters,” is the matriarch of the Stanley family. This article explores Nettie’s family tree, her role as a mother, and her recent legal troubles.

Family Tree: From Lottie Mae Stanley to Nettie’s Siblings

Nettie Stanley’s family tree begins with her mother, Lottie Mae Stanley. Lottie, who remained on America’s most wanted list for the past three decades, played a significant role in shaping Nettie’s life. Nettie has six brothers and sisters: Joann Wells, Mellie Stanley, Dovie Carter, Brandi, and Tanya. While only three of her sisters appeared on the reality TV show “Gypsy Sisters,” they form an integral part of Nettie’s family.

Nettie’s Children: A Large and Diverse Family

Nettie Stanley has a total of nine children from her three marriages. Her husband, Huey Stanley, is her third spouse. The couple shares eight living children, namely Albert “Whitey,” Heath, Dallas, Nettie “Nukkie,” Chasitie, Huey, Shiela, and Katherine “Kat.”

Sadly, Nettie’s family experienced the loss of her daughter Destiny, who has since passed away. While Nettie’s children have their own families now, she remains a devoted mother and takes care of her nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and husband.

Life After Reality TV: Embracing a Quiet Life

After leaving the spotlight of reality TV, Nettie Stanley has chosen to live a quieter life away from the cameras. However, she made headlines earlier this year when she and her partner, Huey, faced legal trouble.

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The couple was arrested and charged with conspiracy and fraudulent schemes, leading to their apprehension by the West Virginia Department of Corrections. Nettie’s mugshot, released to the public, showed her without her iconic blond hair, appearing with black hair instead.

Nettie’s Role as a Mother: A Family-Centric Focus

Nettie Stanley is proud to be the mother of nine children, each who has grown up and started their own family. While the details of her previous relationships and the children’s fathers remain undisclosed, Nettie’s commitment to her role as a mother is evident. Despite her challenges and hardships, Nettie’s love and devotion to her extensive and diverse family remain unwavering.

Albert “Whitey” Smith: A Wedding on Reality TV

Albert “Whitey” Smith, one of Nettie’s sons, married during the fourth season of “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.” The wedding occurred in an episode titled “When Bridesmaids Go Bad,” aired on March 5, 2015. However, due to her behavior, Albert faced a dilemma regarding inviting his sister Dallas to the wedding.

Dallas Nichole Williams: Nettie’s Oldest Daughter

Dallas, Nettie’s oldest daughter, was born on December 24, 1994, and is currently 28. She has had a tumultuous romantic relationship with James Malone, experiencing multiple breakups and reconciliations throughout the airing of “Gypsy Sisters” on TLC. Dallas also has six children named Demi, Richard, London, Aaron, Archie, and Huey.

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Nettie “Nuckie” Williams: A Mother of Three

Nettie “Nuckie” Williams, another daughter of Nettie Stanley, is a mother of three children. Her son, Prince Henry, was born first, followed by her daughter Ivory in November 2017 and her youngest daughter, Delilah Dee, born in 2019. Nettie shares all three children with Pookie, her former partner.

After the birth of their first child, Nuckie briefly left Pookie to travel with her substance-addicted boyfriend. However, Pookie and other family members were able to locate her and bring her back home.

Chasitie Mariah: An Accident and Its Consequences

Chasitie Mariah, Nettie’s daughter, was involved in an accident in 2017 while driving her sister’s children. The incident occurred when she lost control of the vehicle and hit a light pole, resulting in injuries. Christie looked back to adjust one of the babies in the backseat, causing her to lose control of the vehicle. Fortunately, her injuries were minor, but her nephew Richard suffered a broken leg in two places.

Katherine “Kat”: A Younger Daughter

Katherine “Kat,” one of Nettie’s younger children, celebrated her 14th birthday on February 5. She occasionally appears on social media through her mother’s Facebook accounts, sharing images and updates with her followers. Kat’s most recent post was in December 2022, featuring a picture of herself standing in front of a Christmas tree in a beautiful maroon dress.

Sheila Stanley: A Social Media Presence

Sheila Stanley, another of Nettie’s grown-up daughters, is active on Facebook, regularly sharing updates about her personal life. In a relationship with a mystery man, she has posted numerous pictures of them together on her social media account. Sheila celebrates her birthday on September 10 and received a birthday post from Nettie in 2019 when she turned 15.

Heath Smith and Huey Stanley Jr.: A More Private Lifestyle

Nettie’s sons, Heath Smith, and Huey Stanley Jr., have maintained a more private lifestyle, with limited social media presence or public appearances. Unlike their siblings, they prefer to keep a low profile away from the public eye.

Destiny Stanley: A Tragic Loss

Nettie’s daughter Destiny passed away as an infant on May 21, 2000, nine months after her birth on September 4, 1999. The details surrounding her passing remain unknown.

Nettie’s Marriages and Current Relationship

Nettie Stanley has been married three times. Her current husband is Huey Stanley, a businessman, and owner of Huey’s Paving. They tied the knot on September 27, 2004, and celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary in 2022. Before her marriage to Huey, Nettie had two previous marriages, but details about her last partners are unknown.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nettie Stanley and Her Family

What shows has Nettie Stanley appeared on?

Nettie Stanley has appeared in “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” and “Gypsy Sisters.”

How many children does Nettie Stanley have?

Nettie Stanley has a total of nine children from her three marriages.

Who are Nettie Stanley’s siblings?

Nettie Stanley has six siblings: Joann Wells, Mellie Stanley, Dovie Carter, Brandi, and Tanya.

What legal troubles did Nettie and Huey Stanley face?

Nettie and Huey Stanley were arrested and charged with conspiracy and fraudulent schemes. The West Virginia Department of Corrections apprehended them.

What happened to Nettie’s daughter, Destiny?

Destiny, Nettie’s daughter, passed away as an infant on May 21, 2000. The details surrounding her passing remain unknown.

What is the relationship status of Nettie Stanley’s children?

Nettie’s children have their own families now. Some are married, while others are in relationships or have chosen to keep their personal lives private.

Has Nettie Stanley’s husband, Huey, been involved in legal troubles?

No information suggests that Huey Stanley has been involved in any legal troubles.

How many seasons did Nettie Stanley appear on “Gypsy Sisters”?

Nettie Stanley appeared on “Gypsy Sisters” for four seasons, from 2013 to 2015.

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