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Jru Scandrick: The Joyful Bundle of Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick

Jru Scandrick, the youngest child of Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick, was born on April 8, 2016, in Burbank, California. Weighing around 6.5 lbs and measuring 20 inches long at birth, he arrived earlier than expected, bringing immense joy to his parents.

Jru has three siblings from his parents’ previous relationships, Kniko Howard, Tatyana Scandrick, and Taylor Scandrick. Currently residing in Los Angeles with his mother and elder brother Kniko, Jru is a six-year-old bundle of joy.

Quick Facts About Jru Scandrick

NameJru Scandrick
Date of BirthApril 8, 2016
AgeSix years old
MotherDraya Michele
FatherOrlando Scandrick
SiblingsKniko Howard, Tatyana Scandrick, and Taylor Scandrick
ResidenceLos Angeles

Draya Michele: The Multi-Talented Entrepreneur

Draya Michele, Jru’s mother, is a multi-talented media personality and entrepreneur. Born to an Italian-American mother, Valeria Diaz, and an American father, Draya has embraced her heritage and created her brand identity. Despite becoming pregnant with her oldest son, Kniko, at a young age, Draya has risen to fame and success.

The 37-year-old entrepreneur is known for her hardcore workouts at the gym, and her pictures promoting her swimwear brand, Mint Swim, have garnered a massive following on Instagram. Since its launch in 2017, her brand has collaborated with numerous models and influencers, achieving remarkable success.

Jru Scandrick: A Loving Blended Family with Three Siblings

Jru Scandrick is part of a blended family, sharing a close bond with his three siblings. Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick have four children, with Jru being their only child. However, before their relationship, Orlando had two daughters, Tatyana Scandrick and Taylor Scandrick, from a previous undisclosed partner.

Draya, at 17, got pregnant with her oldest son, Kniko, and had to face the challenges of single motherhood after the athlete, Kniko’s father, was imprisoned when she was seven months pregnant. Despite the hardships, her mother stood firmly by her side as a pillar of support.

Kniko is now attending Georgia State University in Atlanta, showing how far Draya has come as a mother. Draya has managed to keep her children from the spotlight, ensuring their privacy despite her fame and success.

Jru shares a loving bond with all his siblings, embracing the love and care within their blended family. The affection and support among the siblings are evident, creating a solid foundation of love and companionship that will hopefully last forever.

The tables below summarize critical information about Draya Michele, Orlando Scandrick, and their children.

Table: Orlando Scandrick’s Children

Kniko HowardGrown-up
Tatyana ScandrickUnknown
Taylor ScandrickUnknown
Jru ScandrickSix years old

Draya Michele’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Mint SwimThe Swimwear brand launched in 2017
Social MediaHardcore workouts and brand promotion on Instagram
ModelingCollaborations with other models and influencers

Orlando Scandrick and Draya Michele: An On-and-Off Relationship

A series of ups and downs have marked Orlando Scandrick and Draya Michele’s relationship since they started dating in 2013. The couple’s on-and-off dynamic has been publicly scrutinized over the years.

A Rocky Start: Infidelity and Reconciliation (2014)

In 2014, Orlando Scandrick’s infidelity led to their first public split. Draya Michele, known for her vocal presence on social media, expressed her disappointment and frustration after Orlando was caught flirting with other girls on Instagram. Despite the setback, the couple reconciled, and Orlando proposed to Draya with a stunning 7-carat diamond ring worth $400,000.

A Brief Reunion and Second Split (2015)

Their reconciliation was short-lived; less than a month later, they announced their split in 2015. Draya stated that they had mutually decided to part ways after two years together. However, this time, their breakup was accompanied by more dramatic events.

jru scandrick

A Restraining Order and Tensions (2015)

In the same year as their second split, Orlando filed a restraining order against Draya, calling off their engagement. Reports suggested that Draya had threatened to throw bleach in his eyes and pepper spray at him. The situation escalated, leading to further tensions between the former couple.

Co-Parenting and Reconciliation Attempts (2017)

Despite their tumultuous history, Orlando and Draya were spotted hanging out together in 2017, co-parenting their children. For the next two years, they maintained a more peaceful relationship, attempting to work through their differences for the sake of their family.

Final Breakup and Embracing Singlehood (2019)

Unfortunately, their attempts at reconciliation did not lead to a lasting relationship. In 2019, Draya announced on Instagram that she was no longer engaged and had been single since December. The couple finally parted ways for good, leaving their toxic relationship behind.

Orlando Scandrick and Draya Michele: Millionaires in Their Own Right

Both Orlando Scandrick and Draya Michele have amassed significant wealth throughout their careers, making them successful entrepreneurs in their respective fields.

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Draya Michele’s Journey to Success

Draya Michele’s net worth is approximately 1 million dollars, primarily earned through her career as a model and her swimwear fashion brand, Mint Swim, based in Los Angeles. Additionally, she has ventured into acting and reality TV, further adding to her financial success.

Orlando Scandrick’s Path to Wealth

Orlando Scandrick’s net worth stands at 20 million dollars, primarily from his sports commentator and former American football cornerback career. He began his football career in 2008, playing for the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, and Kansas City Chiefs.

Jru Scandrick: Son of an Accomplished Sports Commentator

Jru Scandrick, the son of Orlando Lee Scandrick, follows in the footsteps of his accomplished father. Orlando was a wide receiver and cornerback for the Los Alamitos High School’s football team, showcasing his talent and passion. He played for notable teams like the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles throughout his football career.

FAQs about Jru Scandrick, Draya Michele, and Orlando Scandrick

Who is Jru Scandrick?

Jru Scandrick is the youngest child of media personality Draya Michele and former American football cornerback Orlando Scandrick. He was born on April 8, 2016, in Burbank, California, and resides in Los Angeles.

How many siblings does Jru Scandrick have?

Jru has three siblings from his parents’ previous relationships: Kniko Howard, Tatyana Scandrick, and Taylor Scandrick.

What is Draya Michele known for in her career?

Draya Michele is a multi-talented entrepreneur, media personality, and model. She is renowned for her swimwear fashion brand, Mint Swim, and her hardcore workouts promoted on Instagram. Draya has also appeared in movies and reality TV shows.

What is Orlando Scandrick’s net worth?

Orlando Scandrick’s net worth is approximately 20 million dollars. He earned this wealth primarily from his career as a sports commentator and his past professional football career with teams like the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles.

What is the relationship history of Orlando Scandrick and Draya Michele?

Orlando and Draya’s relationship has been on-and-off since they started dating in 2013. They experienced several splits and reconciliations, facing challenges such as infidelity and restraining orders. However, their attempts at reconciliation eventually led to a final breakup in 2019.

What is the focus of Draya Michele’s brand, Mint Swim?

Mint Swim is Draya Michele’s swimwear fashion brand, which she launched in 2017. The brand has gained popularity through collaborations with various models and influencers, promoting stylish swimwear designs.

How has Draya Michele managed to keep her children’s privacy despite her fame?

Despite her fame and success, Draya has prioritized keeping her children’s lives private. She has shielded them from the spotlight and social media, ensuring their privacy and well-being.

What are some of the notable achievements of Orlando Scandrick’s football career?

During his football career, Orlando Scandrick played as a wide receiver and cornerback for the Los Alamitos High School’s football team. He also played for renowned teams like the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles, showcasing his talent and passion for the sport.

How old is Jru Scandrick now?

Jru Scandrick is currently six years old, having been born on April 8, 2016.

Are Orlando Scandrick and Draya Michele currently in a relationship?

No, Orlando Scandrick and Draya Michele are no longer together. They officially parted ways in 2019, ending their tumultuous relationship.

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