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edgardo canales

Adria Arjona’s Dream Wedding: A Love Story to Remember

Adria Arjona, the talented actress known for her roles in popular movies and TV shows, had a dream wedding with her husband, Edgardo Canales, in Guatemala in August 2019. The couple’s wedding festivities spanned three glorious days, bringing together guests worldwide to celebrate their love.

A Memorable Wedding Celebration

The couple’s wedding extravaganza was a spectacle to behold, with friends and family coming from far and wide to join the festivities. Guests traveled hundreds of miles to be part of Adria and Edgardo’s special day, creating a truly global celebration of love.

Music and Love in the Air

During their wedding ceremony, the couple’s love and joy were beautifully complemented by the soulful tunes of Guatemalan guitarist and singer Gaby Moreno. As Adria and Edgardo walked down the aisle hand in hand, Gaby’s heartfelt melodies set the perfect ambiance for their “I Do” moment. Adria’s father, Ricardo Arjona, proudly walked her down the aisle and gave her away in a touching display of fatherly love.

A Dream Honeymoon

After their splendid wedding, Adria and Edgardo embarked on a romantic honeymoon as the perfect continuation of their love story. The honeymoon became an extension of the more excellent celebration of their union, allowing the newlyweds to bask in each other’s company and begin their married life on a memorable note.

Skipping Traditions for Personal Comfort

While weddings often include various customs and rituals, Adria consciously decided to skip some traditional practices, such as removing the garter from under the bride’s dress. The actress candidly revealed feeling uncomfortable with this particular ritual and chose to forgo it, showing that personal comfort and authenticity were paramount in their wedding celebration.

Meet Edgardo Canales: The Attorney Representing Prime Video & Amazon Studios

Edgardo Canales, Adria Arjona’s loving husband, is an accomplished attorney with a deep connection to the entertainment industry. As the Business Affairs Manager for Prime Video & Amazon Studios, based in Culver City, California, Edgardo brings his expertise to represent notable clients in the entertainment world.

edgardo canales-

A Decade in Entertainment Law

Edgardo’s journey in the entertainment industry spans over a decade, starting at Canales Law Offices in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in September 2012. During this time, he honed his legal skills and negotiated music licensing agreements for major record labels, including Atlantic Records, BMI Music, Sony Music, and Universal Music.

Growth and Success

Throughout his career, Edgardo’s talent and dedication led him to work with renowned companies like Movie Package Company and William Morris Endeavor. He later joined STX Entertainment, serving in various key roles, including Manager of International Production & Management, Director of Business and Legal Affairs, and more.

An Enchanting Love Story

Adria Arjona and Edgardo Canales’ love story has been enchanting. From their magical wedding celebration in Guatemala to Edgardo’s successful career in entertainment law, their partnership thrives as they embrace each other’s dreams and build a life filled with love and success.

The Beautiful Wedding Ceremony

On August 31, 2019, Adria Arjona and her attorney partner, Edgardo Canales, exchanged heartfelt vows in a beautiful wedding ceremony at Casa Santo Domingo in Antigua, Guatemala. The couple’s special day was graced by close family and friends, including Adria’s father, Ricardo Arjona, and the talented Guatemalan guitarist, Gaby Moreno.

An Enchanting Celebration

The wedding ceremony was a magical affair, with Gaby Moreno playing soulful tunes as Adria and Edgardo professed their love for each other on stage. The heartfelt ceremony occurred between 5:30 and 6:30 in the morning, creating a truly memorable start to their new journey as a married couple. The joyous celebration of their nuptials continued for three joy-filled days.

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A Charitable Gesture

In a heartwarming gesture, Adria and Edgardo decided to make their wedding gifts meaningful and charitable. Instead of traditional presents, they requested guests bring children’s toys and books, which were later donated to non-profit foundations and organizations helping needy children. This act of kindness reflected Adria’s ongoing tradition of bringing happiness to children through charitable initiatives.

A Tradition of Giving Back

Adria’s commitment to philanthropy and making children happy goes beyond her wedding day. She has a longstanding tradition of donating gifts to those in need, and during the 2022 Christmas Eve, she spent time with Guatemalan children, playing the role of Santa Claus and distributing toys and presents to bring smiles to their faces.

Keeping Love Close to the Heart

Although Adria has not divulged how she and Edgardo first met, their love and commitment to each other were evident in their social media posts. On July 18, 2018, the couple celebrated their dating anniversary with a tender beachside image of Adria kissing her lawyer boyfriend.

A Proposal and Engagement

After two years of dating, Edgardo got down on one knee and proposed to Adria. The actress excitedly shared an image of her stunning engagement ring on August 19, expressing her joy with the caption “million times yes.” The post captured the beautiful moment of love, showcasing the engagement ring and the couple’s loving embrace.

A Forever Bond

On August 31, 2019, Adria and Edgardo sealed their love with a fairytale wedding, surrounded by loved ones. Their journey as a married couple began with a heartfelt ceremony and has continued to be filled with love, joy, and shared moments of giving back to the community. Adria Arjona and Edgardo Canales continue to create their dream life together, cherishing their eternal bond.


When did Adria Arjona and Edgardo Canales get married?

Adria Arjona and Edgardo Canales got married on August 31, 2019.

Where did Adria and Edgardo have their wedding celebration?

Adria and Edgardo had their wedding celebration at Casa Santo Domingo in Antigua, Guatemala.

How long did their wedding festivities last?

Their wedding festivities lasted for three days.

Who walked Adria down the aisle during the wedding ceremony?

Adria’s father, Ricardo Arjona, proudly walked her down the aisle and gave her away.

What charitable gesture did Adria and Edgardo make at their wedding?

Instead of traditional presents, they asked guests to bring children’s toys and books as wedding gifts, later donated to non-profit foundations helping needy children.

How long have Adria and Edgardo been together?

Adria and Edgardo have been together for at least six years.

What is Edgardo Canales’ profession?

Edgardo Canales is an attorney currently serving as the Business Affairs Manager for Prime Video & Amazon Studios.

Where did Edgardo start his career in entertainment law?

Edgardo started his career at Canales Law Offices in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in September 2012.

What was Adria’s reaction to some wedding traditions?

Adria chose to skip some traditional practices, such as removing the garter under the bride’s dress, as she felt uncomfortable with the ritual.

How did Adria and Edgardo celebrate their dating anniversary in 2018?

They celebrated their dating anniversary on July 18, 2018, with a loving image of Adria kissing her lawyer boyfriend at a beach.

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