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Jackie Oshry Expecting Second Son: A Joyful Family Journey

Instagram influencer and podcast host Jackie Oshry is experiencing the joy of expanding her family. Just a year after welcoming her first son, Harry Weinreb, Jackie and her husband, Zachary Weinreb, are excitedly expecting their second child, another baby boy.

Jackie Oshry’s Career Journey: From Social Media Intern to Podcast Stardom

Jackie Oshry began her career as a social media intern at Colgate University. After graduation, her passion for the digital world and social media led her to work as an Associate Social Media Editor at The Huffington Post. She further honed her skills as a Social Media Manager at iHeartMedia and Media Strategist and Senior Brand Manager at AOL.

The Morning Toast: A Podcast Success

In April 2018, Jackie Oshry and her younger sister Claudia Oshry launched The Morning Toast, an independent podcast series. The podcast quickly gained popularity, establishing Jackie as a social media star and host.

Joyful News: Jackie Oshry’s Second Pregnancy

On March 1, 2023, Jackie announced her second pregnancy to her fans through Instagram. She shared a heartwarming scan report image featuring her, her husband Zachary, and their son Harry. The baby’s gender, a boy, was revealed, sparking excitement among her followers.

Patreon for Exclusive Updates

While Jackie directed her fans to her Patreon account for more details about baby number two, some fans in the comment section shared the happy news of the baby’s gender, making it a boy. The announcement was met with congratulatory messages adorned with blue heart emojis.

From One to Two: Embracing Parenthood

Previously, Jackie and Zachary welcomed their first son, Harry, on February 13, 2022. The news of her first pregnancy was revealed to her fans on August 25, 2021, leading to a warm welcome to the “2 under two club” by her followers.

Meet Jackie Oshry’s Husband, Zachary Weinreb

Zachary Weinreb, husband to Jackie Oshry, has a diverse career background. He founded the Spritz Society and has been involved in various ventures, including the family business, The Howard Hughes Corporation.

A Talented and Entrepreneurial Background

Zachary attended the University of Southern California, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with minors in entrepreneurship and the music industry. His career includes internships with Mission Athletecare and works in the broadcasting industry with KXSC Los Angeles Radio, The Recording Academy, Atlantic Records, and iHeartMedia.

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Entrepreneurship and Cr

Native Ventures

Zachary co-founded the private label design company Alexander Paul and served as its creative director. He also worked as an executive assistant at Arpeggio Entertainment, LLC, before joining The Howard Hughes Corporation, where he held positions such as Senior Director for Creative Strategy & Innovation and later as Vice President of Creative Strategy.

Spritz Society: A Refreshing Venture

As the founder of the Spritz Society since February 2022, Zachary’s company offers sparkling cocktails in convenient cans, catering to the needs of its customers.

Building a Family and a Future Together

With their growing family and successful careers, Jackie Oshry and Zachary Weinreb embrace parenthood and entrepreneurial ventures with joy and determination. Their love and dedication to each other shine through as they look forward to the arrival of their second son and the adventures that lie ahead.

Their Love Story: From Engagement to Extravagant Wedding

Jackie Oshry and Zachary Weinreb’s love story began with a romantic proposal at Pier 17 in New York City on February 28, 2018. They sealed their commitment on February 17, 2019, with an extravagant wedding at Taj Pierre Hotel in New York City. Famous faces like Amanda Stanton, Corinne Olympios, and Michael Strahan graced the star-studded event.

Jackie Oshry’s Journey to Fame

Jackie Oshry, born November 6, 1992, rose to fame in her late 20s as an Instagram influencer, podcast host, and social media star. She achieved tremendous success with her podcast series, “The Morning Toast,” which she co-hosts with her younger sister Claudia Oshry. The series became an instant hit, and Jackie’s popularity soared.

A Family of Influencers: Meet Jackie’s Siblings

Jackie Oshry is one of four siblings in her family, all social media influencers. Her elder sister Olivia Oshry, born on July 7, 1991, is known for overseeing the social strategy for “The Morning Toast” on YouTube and Facebook. Olivia is married to Zachary Shapiro, and they have two children.

Claudia Oshry, Jackie’s younger sister born on July 10, 1994, is famous for co-hosting “The Morning Toast” alongside Jackie. The podcast has garnered immense popularity, and Claudia’s Instagram account boasts over 3.1 million followers.

The youngest sister, Margo Oshry, born on May 6, 1997, hosts her podcast, “Best of Both with Margo & Nicole.” Despite being the youngest, Margo has carved her path and is recognized in her own right.

Jackie Oshry’s Parents: Pamela and Michael

Jackie Oshry’s parents are Pamela and Michael. Her mother, Pamela, is a renowned political activist and blogger. Sadly, Michael passed away following a heart attack in 2008, a year after their divorce. The family received a $5 million insurance policy payout after his passing.

A Growing Family: Jackie Oshry’s Second Pregnancy

After the joyous arrival of their first son, Harry, on February 13, 2022, Jackie and Zachary Weinreb eagerly expect their second son. The couple’s social media accounts are filled with romantic vacation and dinner images, showcasing their blissful married life.

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A Promising Future

As Jackie Oshry thrives as an influencer and podcast host and Zachary Weinreb strides with his ventures, the couple looks forward to welcoming their new addition and building a happy and fulfilling life together. Their love story and family journey inspire many, and their combined success in their respective fields solidifies their status as a power couple.


When did Jackie Oshry announce her second pregnancy?

Answer: Jackie Oshry announced her second pregnancy on March 1, 2023, through her Instagram account.

What is the gender of Jackie Oshry’s second child?

Answer: Jackie Oshry’s second child is revealed to be a baby boy.

How many children does Jackie Oshry have?

Answer: Jackie Oshry has one son, Harry Weinreb, and is expecting her second child, another son, with her husband, Zachary Weinreb.

When was Jackie Oshry’s first child, Harry, born?

Answer: Jackie Oshry’s first child, Harry Weinreb, was born on February 13, 2022.

What podcast series is co-hosted by Jackie Oshry and her sister Claudia?

Answer: Jackie Oshry and her sister Claudia co-host the podcast series “The Morning Toast,” which they launched in April 2018.

What is the profession of Jackie Oshry’s husband, Zachary Weinreb?

Answer: Zachary Weinreb is an entrepreneur and the founder of the Spritz Society. He has been involved in various creative ventures and previously worked with The Howard Hughes Corporation.

How did Jackie and Zachary meet?

Answer: There is no information about how Jackie and Zachary first met or the details of their initial encounter.

What was the venue of Jackie Oshry and Zachary Weinreb’s wedding?

Answer: Jackie Oshry and Zachary Weinreb had an extravagant wedding at Taj Pierre Hotel in New York City on February 17, 2019.

How many followers does Jackie Oshry’s Instagram account have?

Answer: The specific number of followers on Jackie Oshry’s Instagram account is not mentioned in the provided text.

What are Jackie Oshry’s plans for the future with her expanding family and career?

Answer: Details about Jackie Oshry’s plans with her growing family and career endeavors are unavailable in the provided text.

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