yung joc wife
yung joc wife

Yung Joc’s Family Matters: Divorce, Co-Parenting, and New Beginnings

Yung Joc, also known as Jasiel Amon Robinson, is a renowned rapper and songwriter best known for his hit singles and albums. Beyond his successful music career, his personal life has been under the spotlight due to his relationships and family matters.

High School Sweetheart: Meet Yung Joc’s First Wife, Alexandria Robinson

Alexandria Robinson is significant in Yung Joc’s life as his first wife. The two met during high school and eventually tied the knot around 2000. Their young love blossomed into a marriage that lasted for over a decade.

The Rise of Yung Joc: Career Breakthrough and Success

Yung Joc made his mark in the music industry in 2005 when he collaborated with Nitti Beatz on the hit single “It’s Goin’ Down.” This collaboration led to his signing with the label “Bad Boy South,” propelling him to release his debut album, “New Joc City.”

Albums and Hits: Yung Joc’s Musical Journey

Throughout his career, Yung Joc released several successful albums, including “Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood” and “Hustle Economics.” His hit singles “It’s Goin’ Down,” “Coffee Shop,” and “I Know You See It” gained immense popularity and solidified his position in the hip-hop scene.

The Divorce and Family Matters

Despite their early love story, Yung Joc and Alexandria faced challenges in their marriage. In February 2012, they decided to part ways, and their marriage ended in divorce in 2014. The divorce process was marked by allegations of adultery from Alexandria’s side and the desire for spousal and child support.

Custody and Children: Co-Parenting After Divorce

Yung Joc and Alexandria share the responsibility of raising their three children together. Their daughter Ja’Kori and sons Amir and Chase are a testament to the bond they once shared as a family. Despite the challenges of divorce, the couple remains focused on providing their children with a stable and loving environment.

Yung Joc’s Current Marriage: Kendra Robinson

After the end of his first marriage, Yung Joc found love again with lawyer Kendra Robinson. The couple exchanged vows on November 7, 2021, surrounded by their closest friends and family. Their union represents a new chapter in Yung Joc’s personal life, and they look forward to building a future together.

Yung Joc’s Net Worth and Career Highlights

Beyond his personal life, Yung Joc’s successful music career has contributed to his net worth, estimated to be around $4 million. His hit singles, albums, and collaborations have earned him fame and financial success.

Yung Joc’s Social Media Presence

Fans can stay updated on Yung Joc’s life and career through his Instagram handle, @joclive, where he shares glimpses of his journey and connects with his followers.

In conclusion, Yung Joc’s life reflects both success and challenges. While his musical talent has brought him fame and fortune, his personal life has seen its ups and downs. Nevertheless, he remains dedicated to his family and continues to pursue his passion for music, inspiring his fans along the way.

yung joc wife

Mama Joc: A Special Relationship

Yung Joc’s mother, affectionately known as Mama Joc, remains a private figure in the rapper’s life. While her name has not been disclosed publicly, it is evident that Yung Joc deeply cherishes his relationship with her. Though she prefers to avoid the spotlight, Mama Joc has made a few appearances on Yung Joc’s social media accounts, showcasing their close bond.

A Special Mention: VH1’s Dear Mama

In a trailer for VH1’s Dear Mama special in 2015, Yung Joc briefly spoke about his relationship with his mother, giving fans a glimpse of his affection and respect for her. While details about Mama Joc’s life remain private, it is evident that she has been a significant influence in Yung Joc’s journey to success.

A Bond Beyond Blood: Yung Joc’s Twin Sister, Chelsea

Yung Joc’s family extends to his twin sister, Chelsea. However, the rapper has not revealed much about her, keeping her life and identity from the public eye. Despite the lack of information, it is clear that the sibling bond between Yung Joc and Chelsea is solid and unique.

Fatherhood: Yung Joc’s Journey with His Children

Yung Joc embraces the role of a father with love and responsibility. He is blessed with eight children from different relationships, each playing an essential part in his life.

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Amoni Robinson: A Close Relationship

Yung Joc’s first child with his baby mama, Fatimah, is Amoni. The rapper shares a close and affectionate relationship with his first son, and Amoni has even made appearances in several of Yung Joc’s reality TV shows.

Ja’Kori Robinson: Early Parenthood

Yung Joc and his first wife, Alexandria, welcomed their first child, Ja’Kori, shortly after their marriage. Their union lasted about 13 years before they divorced in 2014, but their shared parenthood has left a lasting bond.

Amir Robinson: Growing Up with a Famous Father

Amir Robinson, Yung Joc’s son, followed after Amoni as the rapper’s second child. Born during Yung Joc’s marriage to Alexandria, Amir is still in his teenage years, growing up with the influence of his famous father.

Chase Robinson: A Precious Addition

Chase is the last-born child of Yung Joc and Alexandria. He was born before the couple’s divorce, adding to the complexity of their relationship.

Cadence and Camora: The Twin Blessings

Cadence and Camora are Yung Joc’s twin children with his girlfriend Carla, also known as Karlie Redd. Their birth came amidst reports of Yung Joc’s relationship with Carla while he married Alexandria.

Eden and Allon: Another Set of Twins

Yung Joc’s youngest children, Eden and Allon, are baby girls born to him and Sina Bina, his fourth baby mama. Their arrival brought joy and fulfillment to the rapper’s life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Yung Joc, His Family, and Personal Life

Who is Yung Joc’s first wife?

Yung Joc’s first wife is Alexandria Robinson. They met during high school and got married around 2000.

What are Yung Joc’s hit singles and successful albums?

Yung Joc is known for hit singles like “It’s Goin’ Down,” “Coffee Shop,” and “I Know You See It.” He has released successful albums such as “New Joc City,” “Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood,” and “Hustle Economics.”

How many children does Yung Joc have?

Yung Joc has eight children in total. Three are with his first wife, Alexandria, and the others are from different relationships.

When did Yung Joc and Alexandria divorce?

Yung Joc and Alexandria divorced in 2014 after being married for about 13 years.

Who is Yung Joc’s current wife?

Yung Joc’s current wife is Kendra Robinson, a lawyer. They got married on November 7, 2021.

What is Yung Joc’s net worth?

Yung Joc’s net worth is estimated at around $4 million, primarily from his successful music career.

Does Yung Joc have siblings?

Yung Joc has a twin sister named Chelsea, but not much information is publicly known about her.

How many children does Yung Joc have with Alexandria?

Yung Joc and Alexandria have three children: a daughter named Ja’Kori and two sons named Amir and Chase.

Does Yung Joc have a close relationship with his mother?

Yung Joc shares a special bond with his mother, affectionately known as Mama Joc.

How many children does Yung Joc have with other baby mamas?

Yung Joc has five children from relationships with other women: Amoni, Cadence, Camora, Eden, and Allon.

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