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Tommie Lee: Love and Hip Hop Star’s Journey with Family Drama, Kids, and Challenges

Tommie Lee is a well-known rapper and reality television star, best recognized for her appearance in Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Despite her talent and popularity, she has faced various challenges in her personal and professional life. Let’s delve into Tommie Lee’s journey, her kids, and the family drama on social media.

Tommie Lee’s Rise to Fame

At 28, Tommie Lee debuted on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta in 2012. Initially appearing as a supporting cast member in season 5, she quickly gained popularity among viewers. Her compelling and dramatic on-screen presence earned her a promotion to the main cast in the subsequent seasons.

Challenges and Legal Troubles

Despite her success on the show, Tommie Lee had to navigate severe issues in her personal life. She faced difficulties maintaining relationships with her family members and the production team of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. The 35-year-old rapper has had several run-ins with law enforcement and has been behind bars multiple times.

Tommie Lee’s Children: Samaria and Havalli

Tommie Lee is a mother to two children, Samaria Lee, and Havalli Lee. Her daughters are now grown up and have appeared on the reality television show in supporting roles, contributing to the ongoing family drama.

Samaria Lee: The Eldest Daughter

Samaria Lee, the eldest of Tommie’s children, was born when Tommie was just 17 years old. According to sources, Tommie gave birth to Samaria while she was behind bars. As of February 2023, Samaria is 19 years old, celebrating her birthday on July 21 each year.


A Truce Amidst Challenges

Samaria and her mother seem to have made amends despite the initial conflict. Samaria expressed gratitude towards Tommie for her support during her pregnancy and labor while giving birth to her child. Today, Samaria can be found on Instagram under the username @samariaa_, sharing glimpses of her life as a young mother.

Tommie Lee’s journey as a rapper and reality television star has been marked by triumphs and challenges. Despite the ups and downs, she continues to find her way through the world of entertainment while navigating the complexities of family dynamics.

Havalli Lee: Tommie’s Younger Daughter

Havalli Lee is the younger daughter of Tommie, and while she has made several appearances on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, she prefers to maintain a more private life than her sister and mother. As of February 2023, Havalli is 15 years old, four years younger than her elder sibling Samaria. However, details about her birth date remain undisclosed, as she does not have a public social media presence.

Troubles at School

In 2018, Tommie Lee got into serious trouble involving her second-born, Havalli, which made headlines across the United States. According to TMZ, Tommie allegedly entered Havalli’s school and classroom, hitting her daughter on her hands with the strap of her purse and slapping her across the face.

Shockingly, Tommie dragged Havalli through the corridor by pulling her hair and locked her inside a metal locker. The incident occurred before Havalli’s friends and teachers, leaving them in disbelief.

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Tommie Lee’s Debut on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Tommie Lee first appeared on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta during the show’s first season. She attended Rasheeda’s listening party in episode six. However, she did not return for several seasons until she made a supporting cast appearance in season 5, where she quickly won over fans and became a central figure on the show.

Throughout the series, Tommie was involved in various dramatic relationships and feuds. Her volatile relationship with Scrapp DeLeon’s baby mama, Tiarra, caused tension on the show, as did her rivalry with Joseline Hernandez.

At one point, Tommie even attempted to hit Joseline with her car. Additionally, her violent encounter with a producer led to her being removed from the crew, but she later returned, promising to avoid getting drunk while filming.

Despite her dramatic presence on the show, Tommie Lee’s journey on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was eventful, filled with ups and downs, and marked by her ongoing struggles and controversies.

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