Runners, Take Your Mark: The Oakley x Satisfy Eyewear Collaboration Has Dropped

Fashion collaborations are a great way to combine different styles and functionalities — even for sportswear. Oakley sunglasses are often the subject of a collaboration – NFL star Patrick Mahomes and soccer player Kylian Mbappe are both ambassadors for the company.

Sometimes, the collaboration goes further in terms of designs. Take Paris-based activewear brand Satisfy and their recently announced collaboration with Oakley. A new iteration of Oakley’s popular Re: SubZero sunglasses, the collaboration will offer two different colorways: the matte dusty rose with a Prizm Dark Golf lens and the matte black with a Prizm Black lens.

The collaboration’s second drop will also feature a rework of the Satisfy Eye Jacket sunglasses, coming in a matte brown frame and featuring various lenses. The apparel collection includes a MothTech t-shirt that features effective ventilation and is made from a moisture-wicking material. Other pieces include reiterations of the Satisfy Auralite Base Layer shirt, a pair of Justice Cargo Half Tight pants, a PeaceShell Belted Short System, and a sun hat.

The Oakley x Satisfy eyewear collaboration ranges between $115 to $405 and can be found in select retailers and Oakley and Satisfy stores worldwide. In this article, let’s take a look at how these two brands fit each other for a collab:

Runners, Take Your Mark: The Oakley x Satisfy Eyewear Collaboration Has Dropped


Known for its specialized eyewear for all sports, Oakley balances style and functionality through various sunglasses and prescription glasses. Oakley glasses designed for runners feature the anti-bob Unobtainium® sport ligature nose pad engineered to help reduce bouncing while running. Their Prizm™ lenses also use specific colors that provide hard-to-spot visual cues while running.

For runners specifically, you can choose the flashier Corridor line or the stylish Actuator to enhance your running performance. Aside from being ideal for running, Oakley’s high-quality sunglasses offer eye protection from the sun and other harmful UV rays. Runners who alternate between running outdoors and at the gym can benefit from the brand’s premium Transition sunglasses for more flexibility. Oakley also offers other apparel and accessories specially designed for other active sports, including goggles and helmets.

In line with the brand’s love for the outdoors, Oakley boasts a Green Shipping option for athletes looking for sustainable solutions to reduce climate impact. Carbon emissions from pickup to delivery are offset through the brand and logistics providers’ various climate protection projects, including reforestation, renewable energy, waste disposal, and wind power. Oakley is also a proud member of the Better Cotton initiative, committed to sourcing at least 50% of the brand’s cotton as “more sustainable cotton” by 2025, including recycled, Fairtrade, and organic cotton.


Satisfy is no stranger to brand collaborations. Known for high-quality, high-performance activewear, Satisfy frequently works with other brands to boost innovation in activewear. The Crocs x Satisfy release introduced a limited-edition design of the classic Crocs look that is made for outdoor activities and exploration. The collaboration features premium construction that shields the wearer’s feet from exterior matter and combines tactile design with the iconic look of the Crocs’ Classic Clog.

Outside of collaborations, Satisfy combines culture, design, and movement with all pieces produced in Europe for quality and sustainability purposes. Fans of the brand would be familiar with the brand’s running shorts with the signature Justice lining — inspired by medical bandaging — the lightest and fastest drying in the industry.

Founded by Brice Partouche, who believes in clean living, the brand champions sustainability while prioritizing quality and performance. Its recent releases include the new GhostFleece balaclavas, waterproof SilverShell packable windbreaker, and PeaceShell pants constructed from lightweight Ecorepel Bio soft-shell. This Swiss fabric imitates plants’ natural protection topped with a high-performance, permanently odorless high-tech finish.

Overall, both Satisfy and Oakley have established themselves in sports and activewear. Given their success in their respective niches, the Re:SubZero eyewear collaboration is expected to be a hit among runners this year.

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