Billy The Kid Season 3 Release date

Billy The Kid Season 3: When will this Season Premiered?

Season 3 of MGM+’s Billy The Kid will continue the narrative of Tom Blyth’s notorious Wild West bandit, but the show’s future beyond this season is unclear. Tomy Blyth, well known for his role as Benediction’s Father Burke, will play Henry McCarty, the real-life bandit most generally known as Billy the Kid, in the upcoming 2022 television series Billy the Kid.

The first two seasons have followed Billy from his early days as a lawman, when he joined the 7 Rivers Gang with Pat Garrett, through the Lincoln County War and the establishment of the Santa Fe Ring.

Even though season 2 is still unfolding, the tale does not feel close enough to the finish to be concluded by the end of the second chapter, thus fans are already highly anticipating season 3 of Billy the Kid.

Billy The Kid Season 3 Release Date Prediction

If MGM Television renews Billy the Kid for a third season, we may anticipate it to premiere in 2024. Given that the first two seasons of Billy the Kid premiered in 2022 and 2023, respectively, a premiere in 2024 seems like a safe bet.

Billy The Kid Season 3 Release date

Billy The Kid Season 3 Cast

Casting news for season 3 of Billy the Kid has not yet been made public. It’s also hard to know who will be in the third season’s cast until the second is over, as new characters might be introduced and existing ones could die.

Since he plays the title role, however, Tom Blyth (The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes, Benediction) will very certainly reprise his role as Billy the Kid.

The role of Kathleen McCarty, played by Eileen O’Higgins (Brooklyn, Mary Queen of Scots), is the one about which the least is known. After being a regular on the first season, McCarty makes only occasional appearances in the second, making Eileen O’Higgins’ return for the third season of Billy the Kid unlikely.

Season 3 of Billy the Kid might feature an appearance by any of the series’ regular or recurring cast members. Given their proximity to Billy’s narrative, actors Daniel Webber (The Dirt, 11.22.63) as Jesse Evans and Alex Roe (The Fugitives, The Cut) as Pat Garrett are also likely to return.

However, it is currently hard to precisely predict who, beyond Tom Blyth as Billy, might return for season 3 of Billy the Kid until formal announcements are made.

Billy The Kid Season 3 Story

Season 3 of Billy the Kid will continue the events of season 2, therefore we won’t know how the tale will unfold until the second season concludes in December 2023. Although bandit Henry McCarty, better known as Billy the Kid, was a real person, the MGM show isn’t a straight dramatization of McCarty’s life.

This is a play, thus it embellishes the true story of Billy the Kid’s life as much as it has to in order to make a compelling story. This makes it nearly difficult to predict what will occur in season two of Billy the Kid or how it will affect the third season’s plot.

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