Is Maxx Crosby Married

Is Maxx Crosby Married? From Struggles to Success with Wife Rachel’s Support!

The NFL’s rabid fan base frequently speculates about the partners of their favorite players and attempts to identify their “biggest supporter.” Maxx Crosby, Pro Bowl edge rusher for the Las Vegas Raiders, has a wife who has pursued her own route in life, including playing her own form of football.

Is Maxx Crosby Married?

The Raiders’ best pass rusher is married to Rachel Washburn. Washburn played women’s soccer at their alma school, Eastern Michigan University, so she can hold her own in the athletic world. When Crosby was playing quarterback at Eastern Michigan University, they crossed paths.

Washburn made a name for herself as a reliable defender over her four years as a starter for her soccer team. Surprisingly, though, the pair didn’t formally meet until 2016, Crobsy’s first year seeing significant playing time with the Eagles.

Washburn Supported Crosby in Darkest Moments

Crosby’s main reputation is as a tenacious pass rusher. His journey to recovery has also been an inspiration to many.

In a 2022 interview with ESPN, Crosby discussed his struggles with alcoholism, cocaine addiction, and other substance abuse.

According to appearances, I was doing OK. I came in second place, behind the rookie of the year. Maxx is totally smashing it, according to everyone. Crosby said to Michelle Beisner-Buck, “But I was like wild as…” Alcohol was involved. During that time, I was smoking. Here and there, I would do some coke. As you can see, I was completely crazy. Yes, I’d pop a pill. To be honest, I had no idea what it was. Scary, right?

Also, Crosby said, “I put her through hell and nobody knew, like, the magnitude of it. In fact, no one would even admit to believing her. What a miserable sense of isolation. I feel the pain of that to this day. Who is the single most important factor in his successful rehabilitation? Her husband.

As it turned out, they started a family before they ever exchanged wedding vows.

On October 13, 2022, over eight months after the Raiders end proposed to Washburn, the couple had their first child. And on a trip to Utah, Crosby popped the question in front of snow-capped mountains. Crosby’s former Raiders teammate Darren Waller also just tied the knot, to Crosby’s former teammate Kelsey Plum.

How Has Crosby Fared This Season?

Crosby and the defense have been a bright light for the Raiders, who are 3-4 overall and dealing with fan anger against head coach Josh McDaniels. The Silver and Black have the tenth-best defense in the league at the moment, allowing 316.4 yards per game on average.

Crosby has started every one of the Raiders’ games this season. In that time, he has 6.5 sacks. In the NFL, he is tied for sixth best with that total. If Crosby can avoid injury, he has a shot at making his third straight Pro Bowl. And Washburn is often cited as the person who saved her husband from a life of crime.

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