Madame Web Release Date

Madame Web Release Date: Unveiling a Hidden Spider-Man Gem!

From what we know so far, Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man movie, Madame Web, will be a significant addition to the SSU canon. In the Spider-Man comics, Madame Web is a superhero who is both a mutant and a clairvoyant, giving her the ability to gain knowledge about nearly anything through psychic means.

An old blind woman was the inspiration for the original Madame Web, who was hooked up to a spiderweb-like life support system. Before her death at the hands of Ana Kravinoff, she entrusted her powers to Julia Carpenter, who has since become the current Madame Web.

Several Spider-Man films, including one that would have focused on Silver Sable and Black Cat, were scrapped after the critical and commercial failure of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Those plans, however, were shelved in favor of a Madame Web movie as Sony established the SSU and formed its connection with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Given Madame Web’s abilities and connections to other universes, this makes a lot more sense and provides a plethora of new opportunities. Madame Web will share a continuity with Morbius and the Venom films, expanding the potential for crossovers in the next Spider-Man film slate.

Madame Web Is Confirmed?

In 2019, Sony announced that Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless would create the screenplay for their Madame Web movie (via Collider). They also wrote the narrative for Sony’s 2022 picture Morbius, which will join the likes of Venom and Kraven the Hunter as part of a common Spider-Man Cinematic Universe.

Dakota Johnson revealed in January 2023 (via Coming Soon) that production on Madame Web has ended, albeit the film didn’t start shooting until July 2022. S.J. Clarkson, who has directed episodes of Marvel’s Jessica Jones and The Defenders, is at the helm of the film.

Madame Web Release Date

Madame Web Release Date

It would appear like Madame Web is using the same Valentine’s Day weekend counter-programming strategy that helped propel Deadpool to box office success in 2016. While Morbius tanked at the box office, Madame Web, set for release on February 14, 2024, has no direct competition during its debut weekend and is therefore expected to do well.

The film was originally scheduled for an October 2023 release, however, due to the arrival of Kraven the Hunter in that month, the release date was moved back. That said, the later supervillain movie has subsequently been delayed to an August 2024 release date, suggesting it and Madame Web don’t have shared story features, because it has been shifted to release after Madame Web, not before.

Madame Web Cast

Madame Web has made some intriguing casting decisions thus far, even if it is not yet entirely clear who everyone is playing. Starring Dakota Johnson as the title character, the film also features performances by Sydney Sweeney as Julia Carpenter and Celeste O’Connor as Mattie Franklin, thus introducing two distinct incarnations of Spider-Woman to the cinematic canon for the first time.

Isabela Merced will also play Anya Corazon in the Marvel movie, giving the studio the opportunity to bring to life one of Spider-Man’s more intriguing yet underappreciated characters. The film also features Emma Roberts, Mike Epps, Adam Scott, and Zosia Mamet, however, their characters have yet to be revealed (although it is widely speculated that Roberts and Scott may play Mary and Ben Parker).

Previously on-set hints of Tahar Rahim in a superhero gear that looks a lot like a Spider-Man costume were revealed to be real, as his version of Spider-Man villain Ezekiel Sims is shown in the Madame Web trailer.

Since Sims is a brilliant but underappreciated Spider-Man villain, and since his comic book lore has him possessing great knowledge about the nature of the universe, this bodes well for the idea that Madame Web may flesh out more about the interconnected nature of the Spider-Man multiverse, the upcoming Madame Web story is all the more intriguing for it.

Madame Web Trailer

On November 15, 2023, a trailer for Madame Web was made available. The 3-minute trailer gives an overview of the film’s plot and setting, and has piqued fans’ interest in the project by answering many of their burning questions about the film’s story, though more may be revealed between now and the film’s release date.

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