Kurt Russell's Driveway Drama O.j. Kate and Oliver Missed Chasing Hudson Simpson!

Kurt Russell’s Driveway Drama O.j. Kate and Oliver Missed Chasing Hudson Simpson!

Kate and Oliver Hudson are reminiscing about Kurt Russell’s brushes with O.J. Simpson, Ted Bundy, and the Manson family—among America’s most infamous individuals.

On Monday, during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kate brought up the fact that Russell—who has been in a relationship with Oliver’s mom, Goldie Hawn, for decades—has this extraordinary knack for constantly finding himself “in some sort of scenario” that no one would ever guess.

“He’s always crossing paths, somehow, with, uh, killers. Like, serial killers,” Oliver added. “He was on camera when O.J. Simpson drove into his house. He was in the driveway. You could see him on KTLA, like, ‘Huh?’ My dad. I was like, ‘What is he doing there?'”

In 1994, during the notorious police pursuit of athlete O.J. Simpson, Kate said that the family was at a friend’s house watching the NBA Finals. The friend lived nearby. “It was the big chase. And Kurt… O.J. was on the 405 [freeway] and Kurt all of sudden just went, ‘Oh, he’s going home,'” she recalled.

“Next thing you know, he gets in the car and he leaves and he goes to O.J.’s house. I don’t know why! Just to see what happened, you know? And we’re all like, ‘Where are you going?’ He’s like, ‘I’ll be right back.’ And then he goes with his friend.”

Kurt Russell's Driveway Drama O.j. Kate and Oliver Missed Chasing Hudson Simpson!

“To be more specific, the news was interrupted while we were watching the NBA Finals,” she continued. Beneath the warning tape, we could make out our dad’s face on television. It felt like… She couldn’t help but burst out laughing in shock.

In a notoriously high-profile trial that took place in 1995, Simpson was relieved of all charges related to the deaths of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

The victims’ families filed a civil suit against him in 1997, and he was subsequently convicted guilty of their murders and sentenced to pay damages totaling $33.5 million.

The jury found Simpson guilty of armed robbery and kidnapping in 2007, and he might spend the next 33 years behind bars. He was released in 2017 after serving nine years.

Russell has had many weird encounters in his 72 years, but the pursuit of Simpson isn’t the only one. According to Jimmy Kimmel’s interview with Oliver, Russell had a brush with serial killer Ted Bundy and “beat up” Tex Watson, an associate of Charles Manson.

But Kate chimed in to say that she “might not believe either of these stories,” and then she continued, “But I’m into it.” I find them intriguing. (Rossell has been contacted by EW for comment.)

Oliver states that Bundy’s notorious 1977 escape from Pitkin County Courthouse occurred when Russell was a resident of Colorado. “This is a crazy story. Kurt was camping, he had his plate of food, went to get a beer or something, comes back and his plate of food is gone,” he said.

“Ted Bundy then gets caught and recounts how he survived after escaping and he said he found a guy camping in the woods with his friends, he leaves the thing and he go grabs and eats his food.” Oh my God!” Kimmel replied. “Not only is he a murderer, he’s a thief!”

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