The Backlash Over Selma Blair’s Anti-islam Social Media Remark Has Forced Her to Apologise!

Selma Blair has apologised for her remarks about Islam that she made on a video last week about the Israel-Hamas conflict, following backlash. In an Instagram post on Tuesday, the actress said, “This is a time of great pain and anguish for many around the world, but it is also a time to learn and better understand how words matter.”

On an Abraham Hamra post, I made a comment about two congressmen who oppose preventing terrorists from Hamas from entering the United States on October 7. I sincerely apologise for the damage I caused to so many individuals when I misinterpreted and unintentionally confused Muslims with radical Islamists and fundamentalists in my comment.


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I immediately erased the comment after realising my mistake. “These days, hate and false information spread so easily,” Blair went on. By my own hands, this time. Here, I made a mistake in my writing, and I acknowledge that it is understandable that this made the Muslim community quite angry. Every community worldwide that values peace has my respect and affection.

I was taught the way and received guidance from my Muslim buddies. Their affection and understanding are something I promise to return. We cannot allow enmity and ignorance to lead to our demise.

Last week, after the Cruel Intentions actress made a comment on an Instagram video that user profile Abraham Hamra had posted on February 2, she was swiftly criticised on social media. Months after the October 7 terrorist attacks by Hamas, Hamra seems to be defending the Jewish community in the video.

Selma Blair Apologizes

The actress said, “Thank you so much,” in a since-deleted comment. Remove all of these thugs who back terrorism. After Islam wrecked Muslim nations, they came here and demolished people’s sense of reason. Their deceit is known to them. twisted defences. May they be dealt with appropriately.

James Lebrecht, a filmmaker, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) were among those who criticised the actress on X, formerly Twitter. Thus far, I have not made any statements about the Selma Blair case. Instead of the following, I was looking for a more refined statement.

Looking at what she has written on the internet, I am devastated. I follow no one on Instagram every day and I’m not very good at it,” Lebrecht wrote. I was totally caught off guard by everything. As much clarity as possible is what I want to convey.

A cease-fire should happen right away. As soon as possible, I want the hostages released. For what it has done, I despise the Israeli government. Anywhere that innocent people are killed is something I condemn. I regret killing, to be exact.

With humility, I extend my hand and offer to break the chain’, Blair said in closing to her remarks on Tuesday. As those who know me well are aware, I always work to build bridges and branches that all marginalised populations can reach out and cling to.

My commitment is to promote peace and tolerance rather than hatred for those who seek it. To the Muslims I may have upset with my remarks, I sincerely apologise. To my pals, I express my regret. Furthermore, I’m sorry to anyone I offended. Plus, I’ll perform better. filled with gratitude, affection, and respect. Selma.

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