Rebekah Gay: Minister Murdered Single Mom On Halloween!
Rebekah Gay: Minister Murdered Single Mom On Halloween!

Rebekah Gay: Minister Murdered Single Mom On Halloween!

Mount Pleasant, Michigan’s residents, put on a great Halloween party every year. According to the Oxygen series “Homicide for the Holidays,” the mindset of sure locals was altered when a particularly gruesome murder occurred in the community ten years ago.

Rebekah Gay, 24, was a beloved single mother to her 3-year-old son, Conway. She had eight scarecrows set up around the house for Halloween, and she and her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, had plans to go trick-or-treating with Conway.

On October 31, 2012, Rebekah failed to show up for work at a neighborhood shop, prompting a colleague to visit her house in search of her. Her vehicle was parked at a bar close to her trailer, but she wasn’t there.

The landlord unlocked the home’s door. There, inside, was a purse on the counter where Rebekah had been, but she was nowhere to be found. Sally Gay, her mother, and her friends started to worry. Sheriff’s deputies subsequently searched her home and car.

Officers found what seemed to be a freshly cleaned patch of carpet. Isabella County Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski stated, “It appeared that there was some sort of struggle.” It was decided that Rebekah’s house was a crime scene. We went door-to-door and asked people in the area how they felt about it.

Rebekah Gay
Rebekah Gay

The detectives interviewed Conway’s dad and Aaron, two of Rebekah’s close friends. The two males were ruled out of the suspect pool. John White, 55, a clergyman in a relationship with Sally, was also interviewed by detectives. He and Rebekah shared a mobile home community.

On Wednesdays, White would regularly leave Conway with his dad. He said that the morning had progressed normally. According to White’s statement to the authorities, he dropped everything at 6:30 a.m. to watch Conway in Rebekah’s trailer before he sent her off. Because the door was unlocked, he was able to enter.

He said he heard Rebekah urge him to take it easy on the couch till Conway woke up and that she was in the bathroom then. He nodded off during her departure, so he missed it. At around 8 a.m., White delivered the child to his father. While interviewing White, police saw he had a cut on his nose.

He told police that a shelf had collapsed in his trailer and showed them the spot. There was a sense of integrity to the tale. However, detectives checked and examined the minister’s history as part of their standard procedure. According to “Homicide for the Holidays,” while some eyewitnesses said he was an excellent preacher, others said he was weird.

The police requested that White take a polygraph test. He consented to Sally’s request for a lie detector exam, but only after he explained why he didn’t want to take one. According to Isabella County Sheriff’s Office Det. Sgt.

David Patterson, “an attempted murder case,” was part of his criminal history. If you find this interesting, please forward it to your friends. Visit for the most up-to-date and recent celebrity news.

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