Is Krystal Ball Kyle Kulinski Engaged? Know About Career And Early Life!

Their incredible chemistry on the podcast “Krystal Kyle and Friends” drove fans crazy. Even though the podcast was introduced in January 2021, news about it still circulates. Is the show’s success attributable to its romance? One can conjecture that. Krystal Kyle and Friends focuses on the dialogue between Kyle, Krystal, and a visitor. Usually, they talk about politics and philosophy. You can feel like a “couple goals” couple watching Krystal chuckle at Kyle’s jokes.

When they posted their travel images, the rumors soared to incredible heights. They both appear to hold the same opinions and are political analysts. Kyle was a founding member of Justice Democrats. A PAC was created to promote candidates who decline PAC endorsements (Political Action Committees). At the same time, Krystal herself ran as a Democrat in 2010 for a House seat. She was defeated by the Republican candidate, nevertheless.

Are Krystal And Kyle Dating?

Krystal Ball was a Democratic Party candidate who hosted MSNBC and frequently contributed to the Huffington Post. But the program she co-hosted with Saagar Enjeti, “Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar,” helped her become very well known. She and her partner Kyle Kulinski co-host a show called “Krystal Kyle and Friends” at the moment. Not only that, but she also appears as a guest on well-known networks like CNN, CNBC, Fox News, etc. She is constantly out and about, ensuring her followers are always aware of her.

Krystal Ball Kyle Kulinski
Krystal Ball Kyle Kulinski

When Kyle Kulinski was still a Political Science student, he began his career on the YouTube channel “Secular Talk.” His audience base was established by the show’s bold presentation style. After becoming well-known for his performance, he moved on to start another one on BlogTopRadio called “The Kyle Kulinski Show.”

His fame and over 100,000 subscribers came from this show. His YouTube channel become his source of income. Additionally, he established a committee called the “Justice Democrats” with various other individuals to assist candidates. He is currently becoming well-known because of his program with Krystal Ball.

Is Krystal Married?

Perhaps to your surprise, Krystal Ball is still wed to her second husband, American businessman Jonathan Narayanan. Divorce is not in the news. They both got married in 2008. She has not formally announced her divorce from her spouse, even though she made several cryptic social media posts revealing her relationship with Kyle. Additionally, Krystal and Jonathan are fortunate to have three kids. Because of her previous marriage, her dating rumors gained more attention and were more challenging to trust.

Did Krystal And Kyle Make Their Relationship Official?

On Valentine’s Day in 2022, Kyle Kuluski ended the months of dating rumors and conjecture. He shared a selfie on February 14th, confirming the dating rumors. Krystal responded to it with four heart emojis as well. Kyle appears to be kissing Krystal on the cheek in the photo (clearly not a friendly kiss). They could never agree on exactly when their love story began.

The Fans Are Overwhelmed With The News

Some of their supporters left shocked. However, some people were prepared to say, “Told you so,” when necessary. By observing the chemistry on screen, a sizable fan audience was convinced that there was a romance behind the scenes.

Remarks like “Really thrilled for you both-you seem so happy” and “strong duo” were made by different people. One commenter was so surprised that she asked, “Wait, are they dating? I believed she was married and that he had a girlfriend. Or am I interpreting a friend’s photo too broadly?

Kyle Kulinski Career

Kyle Kulinski’s Show

As a political science student, Kulinski launched the “Secular Talk” YouTube channel in the spring of 2008. Kyle immediately made it clear that the show has a solid leftward bias. In stark contrast to the formal presentation style used in conventional news outlets, he delivers the news with a “brash” and “in-your-face” tone, combined with jokes and profanity.

Kulinski had lost faith in him by the end of US President Barack Obama’s first term. He started making videos full-time and launching The Kyle Kulinski Show on BlogTalkRadio. Due to this increased activity, he has more than 100,000 YouTube subscribers. Kulinski was making a living off of Secular Talk by 2015. Since then, his videos frequently receive millions of views.

Krystal Early Life and Education

60 miles south of Washington, D.C., in King George County, Virginia, Ball was born on November 24, 1981. Her mother, Rose Marie Ball, is a teacher, and her father, Edward Ball, is a physicist. Her father, a physicist who focused his dissertation on crystals, gave her the name Krystal. Holly and Heidi, her older sisters, are both women.


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Ball attended Clemson University for one year after graduating from King George High School in King George, Virginia, before transferring to the University of Virginia, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in economics.

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