Aaron Judge’s 62nd Home Run Was Caught By Bri Amaranthus’ Husband, A Former “Bachelor” Contestant!

At Globe Life Field on Tuesday, Cory Youmans, the husband of Bachelor Nation alum Bri Amaranthus, grabbed Aaron Judge’s historic home run ball.

Bri Amaranthus Husband
Bri Amaranthus Husband

Aaron Judge‘s record-breaking home run ball was caught by Cory Youmans, who hasn’t yet decided what to do with it.

At Globe Life Field on Tuesday, Youmans, the Bachelor Nation alum Bri Amaranthus’s husband, grabbed Judge’s historic home run ball.

Judge, 30, broke Roger Maris’ record from 1961 by hitting his 62nd home run in a single American League season. Sammy Sosa (66), Mark McGuire (70), and Barry Bonds (73) are the only MLB players who have hit more home runs in a season. However, baseball fans frequently tack an exclamation point on their accomplishments due to allegations that they used performance-enhancing drugs.

In the 22nd season of the Bachelor contestant, who is also the spouse of Amaranthus, a Sports Illustrated reporter, caught the ball and was seen high-fiving spectators close to him in the video.

Amaranthus posted a video of Youmans strolling into the stadium surrounded by cameras and the caption “THIS IS MY HUSBAND” on Twitter. Reporters questioned Youmans about his intentions for the ball, and he replied, “I haven’t thought about it.”

According to the MLB, Youmans was seated in left field at the time of the incident, precisely in Section 31, Row 1, Seat 3.

Even Judge joined the discussion after the game, saying: “We’ll wait and see how that plays out. Although getting [the ball] back would be fantastic, you know, that’s a souvenir for a fan. They had every right to it since they made a terrific catch there.”

There have already been bids made to Youmans to buy the ball, which is currently believed to be worth $2 million.

According to the Associated Press, JP Cohen, the president of Memory Lane Inc., phoned Youmans and reiterated that his initial offer of $2 million is still valid. But Youmans did not respond to his text, as he had previously stated this week.

If he is inclined to sell it, Cohen added, “I feel the offer is much over fair.”

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The record for the highest money spent on a memento still belongs to McGwire’s 70th home run ball from the 1998 season, which cost $3 million. Before that, Judge’s 61st home run ball went over the fence and was given to the Yankees by the pitching coach of Toronto. After saying it “means a lot” to experience a moment like that with his mother, Patty, Judge gave the ball to her.

A fan previously gave the Judge’s 60th home run ball to the Yankees organization. Even though David Kohler of SCP Auctions estimates its value to be between $100,000 and $150,000, the fan received a signed bat, signed balls, a group meeting with Judge, and a photo in return.

Throughout the week, many well-known people, including President Joe Biden, complimented Judge on his record-breaking home run and noted that the player still had “more history to make.”

Roger Maris Jr., Roger Maris’ son, also praised the new AL home run champion while referring to the record’s contentious past.

“The new CLEAN HOME RUN KING is Aaron Judge! The little children who witnessed Aaron Judge break the single-season home run record can now look up to someone! I’m done trying to convince you that someone could hit 73 home runs, “He composed.

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