Who Is Drakes Son? Who Is His Baby Mom, Sophie Brussaux?

Drakes Son: The child of Drake and Sophie is Adonis. As of this writing, he is five years old (having entered this world on October 11, 2017). After hiding Adonis from the public eye for nearly a year, Drake finally explained why they had done so in June of the following year. Drake raps in ‘Emotionless,’ “I wasn’t concealing my kid from the world/ I was protecting the world from my kid/ From empty souls who just woke up and looked to debate/ Until you starin’ at your seed, you can never empathize.”

Who Is Drake’s Baby Mom, Sophie Brussaux?

French-born and raised artist Sophie, 33, is a former pornstar. In January 2017, she was seen having dinner with Canadian rapper Drake in Amsterdam with a large group of mutual friends. Nine months after they were seen together, Sophie gave birth to a son in October. However, the actor wasn’t sure the child was his, so he got a DNA test to settle the matter.

What Has Drake Said About His Son, Adonis?

Drakes Son
Drakes Son

Drake has posted several photos of his kid Adonis throughout the years, and he even raps about him on his 2018 album “Scorpion.” In March 2020, he revealed the first pictures of the two of them together, and their adoring followers promptly lost it.

Drake and his son Adonis made their first public appearance at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, where Drake was honored with the prestigious Artist of the Decade award. During his acceptance speech, he lovingly embraced his kid and thanked him for inspiring his success.

In recent years, ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’ rapper Lil Wayne has posted more videos and photos of his kid Adonis, who has blossomed into an exceptional basketball player. His Instagram posts celebrating his son Adonis’s fifth birthday, which he called “my twin,” left his followers in amazement.

In an earlier interview with Rap Radar, he discussed the necessity of a DNA test, saying that he had long doubted that he was Adonis’ biological father, especially after the initial DNA test results were “ruined in transit.” “So, I was in a bizarre potential situation where I didn’t want to go tell the world that that was my son, and it wasn’t,” the 35-year-old remembered.

Drake was given another examination after the first one was inconclusive. He said, “He’s a stunning child, you know, with the brightest blue eyes, and at the moment, I was like, ‘don’t know.'” “I didn’t know for sure that it was my son until a week before the CD came out.”

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Who Is Drake?

Aubrey Drake Graham entered the world on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Ontario. His Catholic, African-American father, Dennis Graham, is a drummer who played with Jerry Lee Lewis and other country music stars out of Memphis, Tennessee. His mother, Canadian English teacher and florist Sandra “Sandi” Graham (née Sher), is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent.

When Dennis Graham played in Toronto at Club Bluenote, Sandra Sher was there. Drake’s American citizenship stems from his American father, but he also has Canadian citizenship. While growing up, he went to a Jewish day school and eventually became a bar mitzvah.

Where Did Drake Grow Up?

Drake spent his formative years in two separate areas of Toronto. Until sixth grade, he was a resident of the city’s working-class west end, where he played minor hockey for the Weston Red Wings. In 2000, he relocated to Forest Hill, a wealthy section of town. Drake was asked about the change and said, “Our abode consisted of half a house, and that was plenty for us.

We had the bottom, and they had the top. My mother was on the main floor while I occupied the lower level. It wasn’t a spacious or opulent space. For the time being, that was all we could manage.” If you think this is interesting, please share it with your friends. For more updates and the latest news regarding celebrities, Visit Newswatchlist.com.

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