Does Chris Evans Have A Girlfriend? Is He Married?

Does Chris Evans Have A Girlfriend: It’s no surprise that Chris Evans has been named 2022’s Sexiest Man Alive. Evans is well-known for being “America’s ass,” but he’s also liked for being hilarious, charming, good-looking, intelligent, and a stand-up man. He’s so well-liked that he’s often held in the same esteem as his Marvel superhero persona, Captain America.

The Hollywood A-lister posts adorable videos of himself and his dog, Scott Evans, and his cable-knit sweaters, all while making jokes about being one of “the Chrises” (alongside fellow A-listers Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, and Chris Pratt). Evans’ popularity as an “online boyfriend” is hardly shocking. Everyone seems to adore him, and rightfully so.

The fact that Evans is not involved with anyone is astonishing. What’s keeping him single while he’s one of the world’s most desirable bachelors? We must investigate the Knives Out actor’s past relationships to answer this question. The present and past girlfriends of Chris Evans are detailed below. Does Chris Evans Have A Girlfriend

Does Chris Evans Have A Girlfriend in 2022?

Though it has been speculated that Chris Evans and Alba Baptista are dating, neither star has commented on the rumors. Even while rumors of a romantic relationship between Evans and the Warrior Nun star began circulating in January 2022, it’s possible that Evans had a thing for her much earlier.

Evans started following Baptista on Instagram in the fall of 2020, but she didn’t return the favor until June 2021, according to her fanbase. They all returned with him; his sister, brother, Scott’s girlfriend, and the dog. On New Year’s Eve, she shared photos to Instagram from a backyard in Los Angeles, and some people assumed they were of Evans. Others said he was in Lisbon to see her. Does Chris Evans Have A Girlfriend

Does Chris Evans Have A Girlfriend
Does Chris Evans Have A Girlfriend

In any case, Evans has already stated that he will be entering 2022 without a significant other. Why? He seems to be a little hesitant to make a long-term commitment. He told The Hollywood Reporter in 2019, “I’m the one that fears getting surrounded.” For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a guy who does things independently. Does Chris Evans Have A Girlfriend

One of my favorite activities is going camping, all by my lonesome. Having a similarly busy companion with their pursuits is quite appealing to me. The feeling of suffocation sets in when I’m with someone taking on all my responsibilities.

Are Chris Evans and Alba Baptista Dating?

Given Evans’s notoriously tight-lipped approach to his personal life, neither he nor Baptista will likely address speculation that they are dating.

Despite this, rumors of a romantic connection were amplified on Halloween 2022, when Baptista and her mother were supposedly in Massachusetts, where Evans lives, and Baptista’s mother uploaded the same photo of carved pumpkins that Evans did.

Is Chris Evans Married?

While Chris Evans hasn’t tied the knot yet, he desires to do so. I desire a family with a wife and children. Observing formalities is something I enjoy doing. “I want to carve pumpkins and decorate Christmas trees and s**t like that,” he told Men’s Journal in 2019. “I’m not adventurous; I prefer quite mundane household pursuits.” ((You’re only making us adore you more, Chris!)

Does Chris Evans Have Kids?

Currently, no. I’d love to have children. I do, too,” he added to Men’s Journal. However, he wants to be in a severe relationship first, as he told USA Today in 2017. Does Chris Evans Have A Girlfriend

And I intend for it to occur. But there’s a chain of things that have to happen before that,” he continued. Children are something I know I want. I know that having a family is something I need. But you can’t put the horse before the cart.

You can create a solid and loving family unit by extending your affection to one another. You might be on unstable footing if you find yourself prioritizing the child over the relationship. Does Chris Evans Have A Girlfriend

Is Chris Evans Dating Lizzo?

If he hasn’t yet found someone he’s serious about, at least there’s online dating to keep us going. Evans and singer/songwriter Lizzo, who has been open about her crush on Evans for years on social media, are the clear winners in the highly online romance game. In 2019, she said, “Wow, marry me,” after he complimented a Twitter video of her dancing when she was a kid. Does Chris Evans Have A Girlfriend

In April of 2021, Lizzo made a joke about sliding into Evans’ direct messages while under alcohol, to which Evans replied, “No shame in a drunk DM.”

They were joking on TikTok in July of 2021 when she announced her pregnancy to him. I recently learned that my wife and I are expecting our first child… My mom is going to flip out, ROFL. Does Chris Evans Have A Girlfriend

She first suggested they remake The Bodyguard on TikTok in September 2021, then in December, she sang at a concert, “Maybe I might call Chris Evans” and “Maybe Captain America could put another bun up in my oven.” Do they go out, or do they have a child? No. However, putting on an act is entertaining.

Are Chris Evans and Selena Gomez Dating?

The rumor mill was in overdrive in October 2021 after it was rumored that Evans and Selena Gomez, star of Only Murders in the Building, were sighted at the same restaurant. However, it later emerged that the photos purportedly showing their date were from two different times and locations. Does Chris Evans Have A Girlfriend


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Interestingly, Evans began following Gomez on Instagram. However, she didn’t return the favor (ouch!). Late in October, Evans posted a video of himself playing the piano on Instagram, and keen shippers speculated that they could see Gomez reflected in the glass.

One more piece of the puzzle? Gomez wore a cream cable-knit sweater reminiscent of the one Evans wore in Knives Out in a TikTok video posted by her best friend, Taylor Swift. Do you want to learn more about celebrities? Visit our website,, for the most recent news.

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