At A Party, A Little Girl Shoots Boy Then Herself, On Instagram Live!

According to police, a 12-year-old girl fatally shot her 14-year-old cousin before shooting herself in a live Instagram video that the girl’s mother said was a “freak accident” that happened at a family gathering.

According to TV station KSDK, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department initially classified the deaths of Kuaron Harvey, 14, and Paris Harvey, 12, as a murder-suicide. However, family members who saw the film claimed it demonstrated the opposite.

“No one was murdered. There was no suicide, “According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Paris’ mother, Shinise Harvey, 35, who did not see the video but heard others describe it, claimed. It was an unexpected accident.

According to TV station KMOV, when police arrived just before 2 a.m. on Friday, they discovered the two kids dead. The kids were alone in a restroom in the apartment reserved for the family’s birthday party.

According to Harvey, who spoke to KSDK, “Everyone was coming together to celebrate, so the younger kids, they got a bed and breakfast.” Paris was playing with the gun as they were filming, but it accidentally discharged and hit him.

Susan Dyson, the girl’s grandmother, who had viewed the Instagram Live video, said this to the Post-Dispatch: “They weren’t fighting or doing anything similar at the time. They shouldn’t have been playing with the gun, but they were. They shouldn’t have been doing it, of course. I believe it was just off. Accidentally, it went off.”

According to KSDK, police are currently looking into who possessed the gun and whether anyone might be charged with the incident. The mothers of the kids weren’t at the gathering.

Later, the police department wrote on its official Facebook page, “We are offering our profound sympathies to the family of 12-year-old Paris Harvey & 14-year-old Kuaron Harvey, who tragically went away on 3/25/22,” along with a picture of white lilies. To assist in paying for Kuaron and Paris’ funeral expenses, family members set up separate GoFundMe accounts.

According to family members who spoke to the Post-Dispatch, the two cousins were raised together and frequently FaceTimed, played practical jokes, and created films. They called Kuaron, an eighth-grader, a humorous guy with “backflips out of this world,” and Paris, a seventh-grader, a “wonderful spirit.”

Family members told the newspaper that they thought the boy owned the pistol. The girl’s mother stated, “No matter how well we attempt to raise our kids, they nevertheless are going to go off.

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