Who Is Win Harrison Wilson? Who Are His Parents?

Win Harrison Wilson: Russell Wilson was raised in Richmond, Virginia, after being born on November 29, 1988, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Before entering kindergarten, he started playing football with his father and brother.

Throughout high school, he stood out as a football player, concluding his four years with numerous all-district, all-region, and all-state accolades and being awarded Conference Player of the Year.

Who Is Win Harrison Wilson?

On July 23, 2020, Win Harrison Wilson was conceived. He is the youngest child of singer Ciara and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. He was born weighing 8 pounds, 1 ounce. His parents published formal announcements on their Instagram accounts.

The next day, Russell Wilson posted a picture of the pair holding Win. Just a few minutes after Win was born, Ciara also shared a video in which she sang Happy Birthday to her youngest kid.

Later, his family hosted a modest, private party to welcome him home. The interior of the House was decorated with giant teddy bears and blue balloons. Everyone compared Win to Russell Wilson when Ciara shared Win’s first photo after delivery.

Additionally, Ciara says that the experience of giving birth to her youngest kid was different. She managed her pregnancy and delivery during the Covid 19 pandemic. She added that there was one occasion when her husband, Russell, could not accompany her during the scan.

Gender Revealing 

In January, the Wilson couple announced they were expecting a second child. During their trip to Turks & Caicos, Ciara posted a picture to her social media accounts with the comment “Number 3.”

Win Harrison Wilson
Win Harrison Wilson

Win’s gender was later made public by Ciara on Instagram. They revealed his sex in a cute little film shot in their mansion’s backyard. An engaged couple chose to host a private gender reveal party because of the quarantine regulations. The entire family dressed in neutrals for the party.

Later, a blue hue appeared as the rocket was launched into the sky. When it was all over, Ciara danced with joy and excitement. Furthermore, Ciara asked her kids what they wanted before starting the video. Future replied with a boy, and Sienna replied with a girl.

First Birthday

For Win’s first birthday celebration, Russell Wilson and Ciara went all out. In the Mexican city of San Lucas, they marked his birthday. For Win’s big day, the Wilson family hosted a baseball-themed birthday party in their backyard.

Win and his family donned “Rookie” baseball jerseys to honor him as the “Rookie of the year.” On the back of the jersey, he also had his name, WIN, and the number 1 to commemorate his first birthday. In addition, Win’s cake had a bubblehead of himself on it.

How Did Win Harrison Wilson Get His Name?

Russell Wilson and Ciara chose the perfect name for their youngest baby. The “Win” in his first name refers to Russell’s accomplishments on the field. Russell made NFL history by being the first and only quarterback to guide his team to eight straight winning seasons.

Win’s grandfather, Harrison Wilson III, is honored by the middle name “Harrison.” He died in 2020 at age 55 from complications related to his diabetes. Harrison Wilson IV, Wins’ uncle, and Harrison Wilson Jr., Wins’ great-grandfather, are also named Harrison.

Because of the close relationship he had with his father, Russell gave Win his father’s name as a middle name. Russell also did more than give his son his late father’s name in honor of him. Along with starting the Why Not You Foundation, he also began teaching.

Win regrets not meeting his grandfather, who significantly contributed to his father’s success on and off the field. In college, his granddad played football and baseball as well.

Who Are Win Harrison Wilson’s Parents?

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson, Win’s father, has made a name for himself as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. As a 2-star recruit, he enrolled at North Carolina State University in 2007 on a football scholarship.

Later, in 2011, Russell decided to spend his senior year at the University of Wisconsin. He was chosen for the All-Big Ten First Team and won the Big Ten championship. He declared for the NFL draft after finishing college. The Seattle Seahawks selected him with the 75th overall pick.

Only Russell had a significant influence right away in his first season. He subsequently tied Peyton Manning’s rookie passing record of 26 touchdowns. The NFL Rookie of the Year Award went to Russell as well. Later, in his third season, Rusell won the coveted Super Bowl championship.


Ciara, Win’s mother, is a well-known American model, singer, and songwriter. She is renowned for her dancing abilities, choreography, and stage presence. Since starting her musical career, Ciara has sold more than 7 million albums and 16 million singles globally.

In addition, four of her seven albums have reached the top five of the “U.S. Billboard’s top 200 rankings.” In addition, Ciara’s first single, “Goodies,” went to number one on the Billboard charts for seven weeks straight. She then acquired the moniker “Princess of Crunk R&B.”


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2019 saw the release of Ciara’s most recent album, Beauty Marks, which was her seventh overall. She has already received one Grammy Award, three BET Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and MOBO Awards for her songs and albums. A relationship between Ciara and the global modeling agency IMG models was inked in 2016.

Likewise, Ciara introduced many beauty products in partnership with Revlon that same year after becoming one of their brand ambassadors. Ciara has also been in many other movies and television shows throughout her career. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website Newswatchlist.com and get all the recent updates.

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