Ashton Meem
Ashton Meem

Who Is Ashton Meem? Are She And Russell Wilson Married?

Ashton Meem: The romance between Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson was a teenage fairytale. Despite keeping their relationships private, they let the world watch them develop until they married and split up.

Following their split, rumors about the reason behind it picked up steam, with fans and media outlets coming up with all kinds of connections and speculations, including one partner’s adultery. Russell and Meem’s divorce was made public, and Meem, the NFL player’s ex-wife, has kept a low profile ever since.

Who Is Ashton Meem?

Ashton Meem, an American assistant in advertising operations. She is best known for being the ex-wife of American quarterback Russell Wilson. While still in high school in the early 2000s, Ashton and Russell began dating. They were five miles apart, yet periodically they ran into each other.

Their romance began after they went to a high school summer party. This relationship was quickly tested as they attended different colleges. While Ashton was accepted to the University of Georgia, Russell attended North Carolina State University.

Despite the hardships posed by their separation, they quickly married after graduation in 2010. The wedding’s preparations got underway in 2012. Our knowledge of Ashton allows us to predict her road to success. Below are details on how she acquired a $4 million net worth.

How Rich Is Ashton Meem?

According to Celebrity Net worth, Ashton’s wealth will increase to $4 million by 2022 due to her divorce from NFL quarterback Russell Wilson. Meem and Russell’s divorce included a large cash settlement.

Ashton Meem
Ashton Meem

Despite being in charge of various businesses, Meem has reaped many rewards. Wilson is exceptionally wealthy, with an estimated net worth of $135 million. The divorce settlement, finalized 31 years ago, apparently had little effect on the quarterback.

When Did Ashton Meem Start Her Career?

At her alma mater, Ashton pursued a communication degree. After graduating, she started working in advertising. At McKinney and Lewis Media Partners, she served as an intern. She gained adequate experience at this organization, and in 2011 she accepted a position as an account executive with Richmond-based Morton Consulting.

She worked at Morton Consulting for a while before beginning her position with American Family Insurance. According to LinkedIn, she has been employed there since 2011, and she currently does so.

Are Ashton Meem And Russell Wilson Married?

Early in the millennium, Ashton Meem and Wilson were first introduced as young adults.

Meem stated in the Richmond Times-2012 Dispatch’s wedding announcement, “We briefly met in high school.” “Then again at a summer party, and then they began dating.” While still in college, the couple began dating and kept up a distance relationship. Meem transferred from the University of Georgia to NC State to be nearer to Wilson. Her boyfriend moved to play football for the University of Wisconsin a year after she finished.

Wilson planned a surprise stay in the Presidential Suite of a posh hotel in Cary, North Carolina, on August 1, 2010. He proposed to Meem there while their dog Penny watched from the sidelines. Wilson explains that although her parents waited outside to congratulate her, “I had arranged for everyone in the foyer to remain silent.”

At the Country Club of Virginia on January 14, 2012, the couple was wed in front of 300 guests. The marriage ceremony coincided with Wilson’s NFL training at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. Thus, a honeymoon was postponed.

Ashton And Russell Got Divorced in 2014

Meem and Wilson enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon week. Wilson was chosen by the Seattle Seahawks in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft, three months after they married. He inked a $4 million, four-year deal two weeks later.

But in the background, their voyage ultimately ran into some difficulties. Wilson started the divorce process in April 2014. He gave the following comment through Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times:

I have made the difficult decision to file for divorce. Clearly, decisions like these don’t come easy. Ashton and I respectfully ask for prayers, understanding and privacy during this difficult time. Moving forward, I will have no further comment on this personal matter.

Was Divorce Happens Because Ashton Cheat on Russell with Teammate Golden Tate?

Following the revelation of Wilson and Meem’s split, speculation arose about why. Meem allegedly cheated on her husband with his then-teammate Golden Tate, according to a well-known idea. During the week before the 2014 Super Bowl, Percy Harvin, another former Seahawk, allegedly punched Tate over the incident.

In a lengthy personal essay that was published in The Cauldron, Tate responded to the accusations. He stated:

I did not have an affair with Russell Wilson’s wife, nor did I have anything to do with his divorce. That is laughable for anyone who knows us. His ex-wife, Ashton, is still best friends with my girlfriend. Russell and I were good friends when I was in Seattle, on and off the field — he knows the rumors about me were unfounded, damaging to my reputation, and an attack on my character. Anyone who circulated that rumor was just plain irresponsible.

He also went on a Twitter spree, writing that “the ignorant minority of people, bloggers, No one has admitted to adultery as of yet, and there is no evidence to support the claims. Elise Pollard, Tate’s girlfriend, was the only other person to speak up, and she supported him in denying the rumor. And whoever else is spreading ridiculous rumors should cut it out.”

What Is Ashton Meem Doing Now?

Meem has remained unnoticed since her divorce. Her Instagram account, where she continues to use the name Ashton Wilson, has been inactive since 2017. Her Twitter account is hidden. According to her LinkedIn profile, Meem currently works in advertising for an insurance company in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Meem seems to prefer avoiding the spotlight over other pro-athlete wives (and ex-wives) who want to equal the fame of their partners. She hasn’t found new love yet. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website and get all the recent updates.

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