OJ Simpsonkids
OJ Simpsonkids

OJ Simpsonkids: How Many Kids Does He Have?

OJ Simpsonkids: O.J. Simpson, 74, has garnered more controversy than most players. The running back received the moniker “The Juice” after becoming well-known as a college football player at the University of Southern California. He went on to play in the NFL.

After his NFL career, he started broadcasting and acting, but O.J. is best known for being detained and accused of killing his ex-wife Nicole Simpson Brown and her friend Ron Goldman in 1994.

O.J. was acquitted in October 1995 after a lengthy and well-covered trial. When the former NFL player stole memorabilia from the Palace Station hotel and casino in Las Vegas, he was found guilty of theft in 2007.

He was found guilty in 2008 and sentenced to over nine years in prison until released in 2017. O.J. has also fathered five children throughout all of it. Please find out more about each one of them here. Likewise, now we can see people searching for OJ Simpsonkids.

Arnelle Simpson

In 1967, O.J. wed Marguerite L. Whitley, his first wife. In December 1968, she gave birth to his oldest daughter, Arnelle, who is now 52 years old. Her father had a very successful football career while she was growing up. When she was 25, Arnelle supported her father and testified in the O.J. case.

Arnelle’s connection with her father became tense in the years following the trial due to her struggles. According to DailyMail, O.J. was upset with his daughter in 2012 because she hadn’t made the mortgage payment on his South Florida house.

OJ Simpsonkids
OJ Simpsonkids OJ Simpsonkids

She supposedly also battled a drinking issue. According to a source close to the family, “O.J. argued with Arnelle often over her drinking and attempted for years to get her married to get her out of his house.” She would only lounge around while sipping vodka, even for breakfast.

Jason Simpson

Jason, 51, the oldest child of O.J., was born in April 1970. Because he was also a suspect in Nicole’s death, Jason may be the Juices’ child with the most fame. According to Business Insider, private eye William Dear has put out the argument in his book O.J. Is Innocent And I Can Prove It.

The fact that Jason Brown’s son abuses alcohol and drugs has signs of mental illness, and has previously been arrested for violence are a few of the grounds William offered for his suggestion that Jason may have been the natural killer of Nicole Brown. Despite being a taciturn individual, according to The Los Angeles Times, Jason was employed as a chef in Atlanta as of 2018.

Aaren Simpson

In September 1977, O.J. and Marguerite Aaren welcomed their final child. Sadly, the child passed away in August 1979, just before turning two at one. Accidentally falling into the family pool, Aaren was discovered lifeless. Via SportsCasting, she later passed away from respiratory failure. OJ Simpsonkids

Sydney Brooke Simpson

The former NFL player married Nicole in 1985 following the divorce of O.J. and Marguerite in 1979. Sydney Brooke, their 35-year-old daughter, was born in October 1985. Sydney was just 9 years old when her mother was killed. Nicole’s daughter attended Gulliver Academy as a child before enrolling at Boston University, where she earned a sociology degree in 2010, according to Legit.

Justin Ryan Simpson

Justin, the youngest son of O.J., was born in August 1988. Even less mature than his sister, Justin was present when his mother was killed. He had recently turned five. OJ Simpsonkids

According to a 2016 Tampa Bay Times article, Justin and Sydney reside in St. Petersburg, Florida. He is presently a real estate broker. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website Newswatchlist.com and get all the recent updates.

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