iPhone 14 Pro users report flashing horizontal lines
iPhone 14 Pro users report flashing horizontal lines

iPhone 14 Pro Users Report Flashing Horizontal Lines

iPhone 14 Pro users report flashing horizontal lines: Some iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max customers claim on social media that when they power their phones, horizontal lines flash across the screen without any apparent cause or solution.

Dozens of iPhone 14 Pro owners have reported that when the smartphone is turned on, one or more green and yellow lines may flash across the screen before fading a few seconds later in one thread on Reddit.

The issue, according to those same consumers, is a fault in iOS 16, not a hardware flaw, as Apple Support has informed them.

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The issue appears to have started with the iOS 16.2 update, according to users on Reddit, the Apple Support forums (1, 2, and 3), and the MacRumors forum; however, some users claim it also occurred on earlier iterations of iOS 16. Although the specifics are unknown, one Reddit user claims an Apple engineer told them on the phone that the company is developing a software patch to fix the problem.

Although iOS 16.3 is presently being tested by Apple with beta users and developers, the update isn’t anticipated to go live until the beginning of 2019. Apple Music Sing, the company’s new Freeform app, and other new features are all included in iOS 16.2, the most recent version of iOS 16.

iPhone 14 Pro users report flashing horizontal lines-

Apple Says It’s Not a Hardware Fault

The original poster and a few others who commented on the Reddit article brought their phones to an Apple Store for testing, and each was informed that there was no hardware issue. Apple claims that it is an iOS bug instead.

“I took it to Apple, and they ran diagnostics, and everything came back fine (green). The technician told me there isn’t an issue with the hardware; it has to do with the software.”

“Apple support asked DM, and they ran tests by taking serial numbers [to run remote tests] and confirmed it’s not a hardware issue.

“Apple support member said, ‘We are aware of the issue, and this is due to the drivers […] It’s a software issue, and an update is expected to come soon.”

There does not appear to be a reliable fix at this time, at least not until Apple releases an iOS version to address the issue. People have attempted the following with varying degrees of success:

  • Removing the Always On Display option
  • Manually turning off the phone rather than allowing it to time out
  • The phone’s settings

Some claim that the problem only exists in iPhones with LG displays, not Samsung ones. While some believed there was a glitch in the iOS 16.2 beta, other iOS 16 users reported the same issue, ruling out the beta as the source.

We’ve contacted Apple for more details, and we’ll keep you updated on their response.

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