Square Enix Ending Support For Chocobo GP!
Square Enix Ending Support For Chocobo GP!

Square Enix Ending Support For Chocobo GP!

Square Enix Ending Support For Chocobo GP: Chocobo GP’s content support will officially end with the game’s upcoming season, according to Square Enix. Chocobo GP was formally released on the Nintendo Switch in March of this year. Chocobo GP was harshly condemned for being monetized like a smartphone game despite being a premium game. Chocobo GP appears to have succumbed to the criticism as Square Enix will no longer maintain the game, even if it will remain online for some time.

Players of Chocobo GP have been anticipating Season 5’s debut since it was revealed on December 12. Season 5 will debut on December 22 and feature two new characters, Volg the Chocobo and Croma the dark mage, as well as the Final Fantasy 7-themed course Midgar, according to Square Enix. Other adorable Christmas-themed costumes are in the works, including Moogle Atla’s reindeer suit. Unfortunately, no new material will be created.

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Square Enix posted information about the discontinuation of support for Chocobo GP on social media. Square Enix praised fans of Chocobo GP for participating and urged them to keep having fun with the game. It did state, though, that after the Season 5 update on December 21, there won’t be any more “large-scale updates” for Chocobo GP. Fans are free to make any assumptions because no justification for the choice was offered.

Square Enix did share more information about how Chocobo GP will continue after official support ends. As with the previous season that utilized reward pass levels, Season 5 will go as scheduled. Rankings will continue much as they do currently between seasons once season 5 is over.

The most crucial issue with the game must be solved, Mythril, possibly. Chocobo GP’s premium money is Mythril. Starting on January 6, 2023, all Mythril will be useless. Players that have Mythril must use it throughout the next two weeks. That also applies to free Mythril. Be on the lookout for some “exclusive” Season 1 material that Square Enix will bring back for the Mythril shop.

For Chocobo GP competitors, this is undoubtedly a very frustrating situation. When you bought the game, you implicitly agreed that Square Enix would provide ongoing content support for the arcade racing game. However, content updates are ending less than a year later. It would be reasonable for players to feel furious over the circumstance. Chocobo GP has problems, but that is, unfortunately, the nature of live-service games that don’t satisfy publishers’ expectations of success anymore. Chocobo GP will at least continue to be playable and have essential features, at least temporarily.

On Switch, Chocobo GP is currently accessible.

Chocobo GP Ending Statement

Square Enix’s complete statement: “Thank you for playing “Chocobo GP.” Therefore, the Chocobo GP mode’s use of reward pass levels will end with Season 5. The operating guidelines for Season 6 are listed below.

Square Enix Ending Support For Chocobo GP!
Square Enix Ending Support For Chocobo GP!

“Like the current season off-time, rankings will continue without using reward pass levels.

“After the Season 5 update on Wednesday, December 21, 2022, there won’t be any more substantial game updates (like new characters or maps).

The Chocobo GP mode itself will still be playable.

“Also, Mythril sales on the Nintendo e-shop have ended as of today’s update, which was released at 15:00” (JST). Players’ Mythril will continue to work at the in-game Mythril shop until Season 5 and beyond, but the store will shut down when all bought Mythril expires at 00:00 on January 6, 2023. (JST). Please be informed that all Mythil, including any leftover Mythil that has not been paid for, will expire. Please make sure to use your purchased Mythril before it expires because refunds are not allowed.

“Additionally, during Season 5, new products will be introduced to the Mythril shop as usual, but it’s possible that the same items could also be added to the ticket or Gil shops at the same time and become accessible for purchase without using Mythril.

Items first offered for sale in the Mythril Shop between Seasons 1 and 4 may also be added to the Ticket or Gil Shops.

It’s possible to resell items initially available in the Mythril Shop as being limited to Season 1 (with some exceptions).

Items first given as Season 1 Prize Level prizes may also be available in the Ticket or Gil Shops.

We sincerely hope you enjoy “Chocobo GP” in the future.

That’s all we know about Chocobo GP’s conclusion. To locate a kart racer elsewhere, look at our guide to the top portable gaming systems for more information (or play Mario Kart).

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