Call of The Night Season 2
Call of The Night Season 2

When Is The Release Date For Call of The Night Season 2?

Call of The Night Season 2: Anime lovers were heartbroken at what lay ahead as the spring 2022 anime lineup ended with unexpected hits like Spy x Family. However, no one could have predicted that summer 2022 would be equally enjoyable. With its explosive audio-visual design and scorching plot, Call of the Night turned up the heat on the summer anime lineup, taking the anime verse by storm this season.

Call of the Night Season 2 was in high demand among fans after the anime’s first season, which had 13 episodes, ended. Despite the show’s intense popularity, the studio hasn’t yet announced a second season. We think it’s a little early to make an official announcement because the studio is also working on other things, but we are confident that a sequel will be released eventually.

When Is The Release Date For Call of The Night Season 2?

The release date for Call of the Night Season 2 is still unknown. It will take some time before we hear anything about the second season, even though the first just finished broadcasting. While it’s possible that the anime won’t appear on television anytime soon, 2024 seems to be a hopeful year.

The anime has only been adapted from about 35 of the manga’s roughly 150 chapters. That’s undoubtedly a relief because it means that we’re all waiting for the creators to approve Call of the Night Season 2 now that we know a tonne of the source material is available.

What Is The Second Season of Call of The Night About?

Call of The Night Season 2
Call of The Night Season 2

The second season will begin where Chapter 46 leaves off, although the studio still needs to animate a few key chapters that they left for a later time. The arcs addressed in Call of the Night Season 2 will primarily focus on Nazuna’s background, though we don’t want to give away too much from the manga.

Kou’s transformation into a vampire has been the focus of the anime, and while it hasn’t happened yet, a shocking plot turn is on the way that will partially make that claim accurate.

What Production Company Is Working On Call of The Night Season 2?

The likely animator for Call of the Night Season 2 will be Liden Films. The anime’s stylish color scheme blended seamlessly with the portrayal of Japanese nightlife, and the improved sharpness and clarity of the images gave Nazuna and Kou’s antics more of a realistic feel.

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It shouldn’t be surprising that the anime for Call of the Night was of the highest caliber, given that Liden Films also produced Tokyo Revengers and Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor.

Where Can I Watch Call of The Night Season 2?

Although it hasn’t been announced, we’re sure that Call of the Night Season 2 will be available on HIDIVE and Netflix, much like the first season.

Most fans found it difficult to find the first season because it wasn’t immediately accessible on well-known services like Crunchyroll. Hopefully, the second time around, Netflix will release the sequel internationally rather than just in its Japanese region like it did with the first.

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