Theresa Caputo Husband
Theresa Caputo Husband

Who Is Theresa Caputo Husband? When Did They Divorce?

Theresa Caputo Husband: The ultimate promise is to marry and live with someone. Becoming one with your partner entails vowing to navigate life with them and helping them through both good and terrible times. Unfortunately, for some people, a marriage doesn’t always last. Theresa Caputo and Larry Caputo, stars of the television series Long Island Medium, are examples of how marriages may end unexpectedly.

TLC series viewers know that Theresa and Larry have been married for a long time. And it’s challenging to comprehend a marriage ends after spending so much time with someone. What led to Theresa and Larry Caputo’s separation, then? For the 4-1-1, keep reading.

When Did Theresa And Larry Get Marry?

Before they divorced, she was married to Larry Caputo for 30 years. According to Caputo, her memoir will include her divorce from her ex-husband Larry.

The book, Good Mourning, will provide readers a glimpse inside Theresa’s divorce from her spouse and offer her advice on “moving through everyday losses.” On October 6, the book was made available.

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When Did They Divorce?

After 30 years of marriage, the two got divorced in 2018. After Larry complained that they were no longer spending time together, the former couple, who remained friends after their divorce, ended their relationship.

“This is a grieving process, but 34 years ago, things weren’t the same, “She spoke with Us Weekly. “Naturally, I miss that part. However, I don’t miss the way things were in the end. The outlet enquired as to whether she intended to be married once more.

Theresa Caputo Husband
Theresa Caputo Husband

Image Source: Newsweek

“I have to admit that I haven’t given it much thought. I would have to say no right now,” she told Us Weekly. He once vented to his friends on a Long Island Medium episode about what had gone wrong.

Larry uttered: “We’re going through a challenging moment. In my opinion, the fact that we no longer spend as much time together is a significant cause of the frustration.

“It’s like losing your best friend because of the lack of communication that comes along with it. It’s challenging.” He went on: “I make every effort to keep myself occupied so that I don’t think about it, but it persists.

Theresa was 18 when they started dating, and they were wed two years later.

Victoria, 25, and Larry Jr., 29, are Theresa and Larry’s two children. While Victoria, the youngest, is engaged to Michael Mastrandrea, Larry Jr. is still unmarried.

Exclusive information from The Sun indicated Victoria and Michael planned to wed on September 12, 2020. Victoria stated that despite the coronavirus pandemic, she had not delayed her wedding during a recent Instagram Q&A. After dating in 2017, Victoria and Michael got engaged in February 2019.

Is Theresa Dating Anyone Now?

Theresa acknowledged in an interview that she had started a new relationship. After her divorce, Theresa Caputo claimed she was “exclusively” dating someone. However, she wouldn’t say who.

She said, “I’m dating, I’m dating,” when speaking to Billy Bush from Extra. I’m in a committed partnership. “It’s very different from when I originally started dating, oh my God, over 30 years ago.”

“It’s very different,” Theresa admitted, explaining that these days, she lives “a very public life” due to her hit show. People don’t like leading public lives. She added that I must accept that they wish to maintain their privacy. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website and get all the recent updates.

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