Why Did Harry And Francesca Break Up?
Why Did Harry And Francesca Break Up?

Why Did Harry And Francesca Break Up? Are They Still A Couple?

Why Did Harry And Francesca Break Up? Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey were, without a doubt, the most recognizable stars of the Netflix series when it first debuted. Too Hot To Handle follows a group of attractive singletons as they hunt for love.

They lost thousands of dollars because they violated Lana’s prohibition against sexual contact, but they eventually got it back and added it to the reward pool.

Are Francesca and Harry still together after leaving paradise island together? Why Did Harry And Francesca Break Up?

Are Harry Jowsey And Francesca Farago Still A Couple?

After giving fans optimism that they would get back together last year, it appears like Harry and Francesca aren’t together after all. Harry shared a photo of the two of them in May 2021.

But after they flew to Dubai for a vacation after Christmas, Harry uploaded a lot of TikTok videos of himself and what appeared to be a new girlfriend in December.

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One Instagram image from the vacation was captioned, “A journey I’ll never forget.”

A few TikTok videos about getting back together with an ex have been posted by Francesca, including one where she talks about doing it “for the third time.” She also shared a mysterious video that indicated that she is seeing someone, writing over it, “Me being happy and keeping my relationships private,” before adding, “The urge to remark on all their social media.”


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Their last picture together was taken when Harry celebrated his 24th birthday in May 2021, just days before the series’ two THTH candidates were revealed. Thus it’s possible that they briefly reconnected in 2016. After his birthday in May 2020, she stopped posting pictures of him.

How Long Did Harry Jowsey And Francesca Farago Date?

In the 2019 series, which was taped between March and April, Harry and Francesca fell in love.

Francesca described how Harry ended up staying with her in her hometown of Vancouver two weeks after the show concluded in a touching video compilation she posted on Instagram immediately after it had aired.

Shortly after, she traveled to Queensland to visit Harry, an Australian, about whom she posted pictures on her Instagram profile.

But once they split up, which they later confirmed, there were no signs of them on social media for months. Chloe Veitch, Harry’s co-star, claimed that “it was on Instagram” that Harry was purportedly dating someone else throughout their breakup.

Why Did Harry And Francesca Break Up?

Why Did Harry And Francesca Break Up?
Why Did Harry And Francesca Break Up?

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Harry said he and Francesca ended their relationship because he wasn’t mature enough in an interview with Will & Woody on the Australian radio show KIIS in 2020.

The 24-year-old revealed that a FaceTime call allowed them to reunite after being apart for a while. He said we took a little rest in between because I’m young. After taking a little hiatus, we are now back in action.

“I chose to text her. I said, “Hey, I want to FaceTime your dog, and I don’t want you to be there,” entirely out of it.

I FaceTimed her dog instead, but she was present. It appears that despite their breakup, the couple still got along.

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