22-year-old Woman Died
22-year-old Woman Died

After Being Trapped in Her Car for 18 Hours Due to a Blizzard, a 22-year-old Woman Died in the United States

A woman from North Carolina was one of the victims of the epic blizzard that struck the Buffalo, New York, area over the holiday weekend.

Anndel Taylor, a 22-year-old Charlotte resident who works in Buffalo, was returning home when her car got trapped in the snow, according to Wsoc-TV, an ABC affiliate.

According to the story, Taylor’s family believes she was stranded in her car for 18 hours before passing. Not long before she reaches 23, she passes away.

Shawnequa Brown, Taylor’s sister, told The Outlet about “A Lot of Tears Have Been Shed.”

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Taylor was one of at least 27 persons in Buffalo who perished due to the storm. In the entire nation, at least 50 people have passed away.

The storm delayed emergency personnel as they attempted to reach those trapped in the cold, according to Mark Poloncarz, the executive of Erie County in New York, who stated on Monday that some people died as a result.

Taylor’s family believes she is one of those victims, according to WSOC. They said that despite calling 911 after her automobile became trapped in the snow, no one responded to her call.

After Being Trapped in Her Car for 18 Hours Due to a Blizzard, a 22-year-old Woman Died in the United States

“I feel like everyone who tried to get to her got trapped,” Taylor’s sister Tomeshia Brown told The Outlet. “The cops, the fire department, and everyone else got stuck.”

The Wsoc report claims that Taylor sent a video of snow on her car windows to her family in a group chat while informing them that it was snowing swiftly.

She was expressing her fear to my sister, Brown remarked.

Taylor’s mother, Wanda Brown Steele, informed The Outlet that her daughter would spend the night in her car due to the storm and then walk home the next day.

She believes that too much carbon monoxide caused Taylor’s death. According to the report, Steele claimed that while the automobile was still moving and snow was still falling, “the pipes, the exhaust pipe, were jammed.”

She claimed that she froze up once the automobile broke down.

Through the GoFundMe page, Taylor’s family has received more than $15,000 since his tragic death at 22.

Taylor’s sister posted on the fundraising website, “As you all may know, one of my kids, our sister, and your buddy died by accident in a blizzard in Buffalo, New York, on December 23rd and 24th.” Snow continued accumulating on her car as she was trapped inside for hours or days, making it hard for her to exit. “We’re attempting to organize services to say our final farewells.”

“Anything and anything you do to aid us will be greatly appreciated,” Shawnequa Brown continued.

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