Nandi Bushell Parents
Nandi Bushell Parents

Who Are Nandi Bushell Parents, John, And Lungi Bushell?

Nandi Bushell Parents: A ten-year-old girl strumming nonstop on a guitar or drum set is not something you see every day. Seeing a slight child drumming against renowned musicians like Dave Grohl is very unusual. That’s life for Nandi Bushell and her family every day, but don’t forget to include bass and keyboard because she can play everything.

With the beautiful song covers she shares on her social media sites, Nandi Bushell has recently become an Internet star. For a ten-year-old, the attention she has received due to her extraordinary aptitude at such an early age can be very stressful. She is lucky to have her parents by her side to assist her in navigating fame.

Who Is Nandi Bushell?

Nandi Lily Bushell, a British artist, singer, songwriter, and social media celebrity was born in South Africa on April 28, 2010. She gained recognition for her drumming prowess by uploading covers of well-known rock songs on her YouTube and Instagram accounts. In 2020, her drum duel with Dave Grohl went viral across the globe. By the time Bushell was eleven years old, his music videos had attracted the interest of artists like Grohl, Lenny Kravitz, and Anderson. Paak and Questlove had landed him countless television appearances.

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Nandi Bushell, the first musician-in-residence at Cartoon Network, was the youngest artist to appear on the cover of Modern Drummer. She has shared the stage with Lenny Kravitz and the Foo Fighters and was a featured guest at Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebration in London.

Since 2020, Nandi Bushell has been creating and recording her music. Before her debut EP, Into the Abyss, she released three songs as singles in which she plays every instrument. In September 2022, “The Shadows,” the album’s lead single, was released.

Who Are Nandi Bushell Parents, John, And Lungi Bushell?

Lungi Bushell, the mother of Nandi Bushell, is a native of Esikhawini in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal. John, her father, is from the UK. Lungi spent his gap year in London, where the two met; the rest is history.

Nandi Bushell allegedly received her musical talent from John’s side of the family. John told the Sunday Times in South Africa, “I’ve been in bands since I was 16.” Over the years, I’ve met a lot of excellent drummers. Although I cannot play the drums, I know good times.

He also remembered bringing home a toy drum set for Nand Bushell, which marked when the entire family’s lives transformed. “When Nandi Bushell was five years old, she immediately started keeping a beat with excellent timing when we brought the toy drum kit home. What I was hearing was so unbelievable. He said, “It was beat-perfect and instinctive.

How Was The Early Life of Nandi Bushell?

The birthplace of Nandi Bushell is South Africa’s Durban. Although her father played in bands throughout his undergraduate years, her parents were not musicians. When John played the “Hey Jude” music video for his kids, Bushell became enthralled by Ringo Starr’s performance and expressed an interest in drumming.

Her parents quickly purchased her first drum set to reward her academic success. Her father, who was playing guitar and accompanying her, noticed that his five-year-old daughter had a strong sense of rhythm. Bushell started taking drum lessons at age six from a local instructor; the first week was “very hard, but then I just got it.”

Nandi Bushell started posting covers of different songs with her father’s assistance, including one he made with an extraterrestrial theme. At the same time, seven-year-old Nandi drummed along to “Toxicity” by System of a Down. She also participated in jam sessions in a neighborhood bar, performing with professional musicians as a part of the Ipswich Rock Project.

How Is The Personal Life of Nandi Bushell?

Nandi Bushell Parents
Nandi Bushell Parents

Nandi Bushell resides in Ipswich with her parents and younger brother, Thomas. She is active in several regional and global humanitarian initiatives, such as the yearly fireworks show at Christchurch Park that generates money for Scouting and other charities.

Ringo Starr invited countless drummers and other artists to play a cover of The Beatles’ “Come Together” for the WhyHunger project in October 2021, and Bushell was one of them. Lenny Kravitz and Simon Pegg commended her song “The Children Will Rise” about climate change, while Barack Obama offered his thoughts from the COP26 summit.

She also created a video for Cartoon Network’s ongoing “Stop Bullying: Speak Up” campaign and participated in “Redraw Your World” for the network in October. In the Netflix documentary COVID-19, she plays “live drums.” Courage in a Crisis: Convergence

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