New Year's Eve Shooting In Downtown Mobile
New Year's Eve Shooting In Downtown Mobile

1 Dead, 9 Injured In New Year’s Eve Shooting In Downtown Mobile!

1 Dead, 9 Injured In New Year’s Eve Shooting In Downtown Mobile!

Following a gunshot on New Year’s Eve in downtown Mobile, the Mobile Police Department reported that one person was dead and nine were injured.

According to police, a complaint of gunfire in the 200 block of Dauphin Street arrived at 11:14 p.m., according to FOX10 News.

The state of the injured victims’ was unknown, according to the police.

At the time of the incident, thousands of people were gathered in downtown Mobile for the MoonPie Over Mobile celebration as they awaited the start of the new year.

Upon hearing the gunfire, witnesses reportedly began to rush for cover.

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A mobile phone video footage that a fan sent to FOX10 News purports to show at least two suspected victims on the sidewalk.

As many fled or sought cover amid the turmoil, police and Mobile Fire-Rescue personnel were dispatched to the vicinity of Dauphin Street between Jackson and Joachim.

Carly Bragg, who was in the city for the New Year’s Eve festivities, remarked that it “was horrifying.” “Super-near fireworks were what it sounded like. It was inexplicably timed. The incident occurred when we were walking close to the location.

In a hallway that was “maybe 15 to 20 feet away from the sound,” according to Carly Bragg, she and her companions took cover. When they realized how close they were, they saw the window of Urban Emporium shoot out.

An owner of a shop on South Royal Street told FOX10 News that New Year’s Eve revelers flocked to her establishment to seek safety following the alleged gunfire.

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