Stephen Graham Broke
Stephen Graham Broke

Stephen Graham Once Nearly Broke Leonardo Dicaprio’s Leg

Stephen Graham Broke: Leonardo DiCaprio gave Stephen Graham the moniker “Animal” after he narrowly avoided breaking his leg in an odd collision with a golf cart.

The two soon became friends while working together on the 2002 hit film Gangs of New York, despite DiCaprio occasionally finding it challenging to comprehend Graham’s heavy Scouse accent.

Graham stated that one day he decided to ask DiCaprio if he could drive the golf cart he used to get around the set, but things went wrong, and he ended up nearly endangering the movie during an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show in 2019.

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He said, “I’ve asked him if I can try driving this golf cart two days before we start work.

I was bombing down the hill in this golf cart when we came to a curve, and I glanced toward Leonardo DiCaprio. As I turned the corner, I hit a brick, and the golf cart began to tip.

“It seems to have moved in slow motion, and as it did, I noticed his leg underneath.

“It appears as if it will land on his foot. He drew it in, and it fell to the ground.

Stephen Graham Broke-

When they stood back up after being thrown from the car, Graham claims the Hollywood celebrity told him, “We nearly…you might have shattered my leg!”

As you can expect, Graham was now apologetic in abundance, not the least because any injuries of that nature might have prevented filming.

He claimed it might not have been possible to film this $150 million movie.

However, DiCaprio didn’t appear to mind, telling him: “I f***ing love you, man. You’re insane.

Graham claims that because of his crazy behavior, DiCaprio fondly began calling him “Animal” after that point.

Graham continued by saying that they are still friends and that when he comes to Los Angeles, he even stays at DiCaprio’s gaff.

He acknowledged that the celebrity occasionally had trouble understanding his accent, though.

There was a moment when he said, “Man, do you see that squirrel?”

“And he exclaimed, “What!” I uttered, “Squirrel.” “What’s a squirrel?” he asked. What the hell?” No, a squirrel, I said. Ah, you mean an sq-whirl, he said.

“No, a squirrel,” I said.

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