Tesla on Autopilot Chased
Tesla on Autopilot Chased

Tesla on Autopilot Chased by Police After Driver Falls Asleep

Tesla on Autopilot Chased: About 15 minutes after beginning a traffic stop, German police located a Tesla somewhere near Bamberg. Authorities claim that the driver was dozing off while the Tesla was in motion because his seat was reclined. They claim to have discovered a safety bypass mechanism inside the vehicle.

Police say a man dozed off in his Tesla while traveling on the A70 Autobahn from Bamberg to Bayreuth around noon on December 29. Notably, during the incident, the car maintained a speed of 68 mph (110 km/h). Despite several horns and other signaling attempts by the police, it took the driver roughly 15 minutes to wake up and pull over.

“Officers found that the Tesla driver was reclining in the seat with his eyes closed and his hands off the steering wheel,” reads the police press release, which Teslarati got first. This increased the likelihood that he had slept off while controlling the Autopilot. The man finally awoke after approximately 15 minutes and followed the police’s orders.

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The individual “exhibited drug-typical irregularities throughout the check-up,” according to the same source. The possibility that a new prescription may have put the driver to sleep is conceivable, but that explanation cannot explain why the seat was reclined. Additionally, the weight of the steering wheel in the car’s footwell is not considered.

A similar tool is used to deceive Autopilot and several other autonomous driving programs into believing that the driver’s hand is still on the wheel. Without it, the motorist would have probably realized that no one was looking into this situation and would have stopped before the cops arrived.

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Until police can wrap up their investigation into the felony of endangering road traffic, the motorist has temporarily lost their license. Arguments in favor of and against Autopilot will undoubtedly persist in the interim.

Some argue that the system is inherently dangerous since it may be deceived, as it appears to have been in this case, while others assert that if this had happened in another vehicle, falling asleep at the wheel would have probably caused significant or even fatal injuries. We’re just relieved that no one was hurt during this exchange.

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