Who Is Tia Blanco
Who Is Tia Blanco

Who Is Tia Blanco? How Did She Start Her Modeling Profession?

Who Is Tia Blanco: Tiarah Lue Blanco is a professional surfer from San Clemente, California, who was born in Puerto Rico and is Filipino-American. In 2015, she won the gold medal for first place at the International Surfing Association (ISA) Open Women’s World Surfing Championship in Popoyo, Nicaragua. She successfully defended her title in 2016 by winning the Playa Jacó, Costa Rica competition. Blanco advocates for the vegan way of life.

Who Is Tia Blanco?

On May 5, 1997, Tia Blanco was born in the United States. A professional surfer who practices veganism and is a health-conscious social media influencer who won gold in the ISA World Surfing Games in 2015 and 2016 back-to-back.

Who Is Tia Blanco
Who Is Tia Blanco

In 2015, she was ranked #12 on the Surfer Magazine Hot 100 and joined the US surfing team. She and Kelia Moniz have been listed in the Surfer Magazine Hot 100. She was a vegetarian since she was a child but did not go vegan until 2013.

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What Is Tia Blanco’s Age?

Tia Blanco was born on this day, making her 25 years old (as of now, in 2022). Tia Blanco is 58 kg and has a height of around 5′ 7″.

Tia Blanco Surfing and World Surf League

Tia, who has always loved surfing, began her professional surfing career early and won numerous competitions worldwide. She won the 2014 under-18 National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) Southwest Women’s and Surfing Prime America Women’s championships, catapulting her to international recognition as a surfer. She placed third in the World Junior Surfing Championship that same year.

Due to her outstanding performance, Tia received a gold medal at the International Surfing Association (ISA) Open Women’s World Surfing Championship 2015 at Popoyo, Nicaragua. She repeated her accomplishment the following year as well. She received a silver medal at the ISA World Jr. Games, and she is putting up a lot of effort to become the first member of the World Tour.

How Did Tia Blanco Start Her Modeling Profession?

Tia has been signed by multiple modeling and talent agencies due to her growing success as a surfer. She has modeled for various sports, fashion, and lifestyle companies, including Reef, Sony, J7 Surfboards, and many others.


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She also participated in “The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros,” an MTV game and reality series, where she was a well-liked member of Team Pros. Her performance was outstanding, and the play was financially successful.

What Is Tia Blanco’s Net Worth?

The current estimated value of Tia Blanco’s net worth in 2022 is over 2.35 million dollars. Her earnings from surfing, promoting brands, endorsements, modeling, TV commercials, reality programs, and other business enterprises account for a sizeable chunk of her worth.

Who Are Tia Blanco’s Parents And Siblings?

The Blancos are Tia’s parents, Simon and Sina. Aja Blanco, another sister of hers, is a well-known social media influencer and burgeoning businesswoman. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website Newswatchlist.com and get all the recent updates.

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