Thousands Attend 2023 Rose Parade 134th In Pasadena!
Thousands Attend 2023 Rose Parade 134th In Pasadena!

Thousands Attend 2023 Rose Parade 134th In Pasadena!

Thousands Attend 2023 Rose Parade 134th In Pasadena!

For the 134th Rose Parade on January 2 in Pasadena, tens of thousands of fans lined the streets.

Fitz and the Tantrums performed at the beginning of the parade on the Honda float, “Forever Determined,” at 8 a.m.

The parade travelled its customary course of 5 1/2 miles, beginning at Villa Street and travelling east down Colorado Boulevard to northbound Sierra Madre Boulevard.

For ten years, some families have camped out on Colorado Boulevard to ensure they have an excellent view of all the stunning floats.

Gomez, Charlene We have heaters in front of us and behind us to keep the heat trapped on us in order to “remain warm,” which is the key to surviving a long night outside.

The Tournament of Roses President Amy Wainscott explained that this year’s parade’s theme, “Turning the Corner,” was chosen to honour the possibilities of each new year and triumphing over obstacles.

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We all appreciate the chance for a new beginning, Wainscott said in a statement. “Whether that corner is literal or symbolic like the limitless possibility that each new year presents,” he said. “Turning a corner entails rising above, whether you do it by yourself or alongside family, friends, and your community. We share in the promise, beauty, and excitement of what 2023 will bring as we round the corner together this year.”

The procession featured more than 20 marching bands, some of which came from as far away as China, Panama, Italy, and Japan. The bands from the two universities that would be competing in the Rose Bowl game, Penn State and Utah, were also present.

Thousands Attend 2023 Rose Parade 134th In Pasadena!
Thousands Attend 2023 Rose Parade 134th In Pasadena!

People from all around the nation travelled to attend the parade, seeing it as a must-do.

Since he was a child, Mark Edralin has seen the parade on television, but he claims that the floats aren’t properly shown on television.

Nothing like what I witnessed, and I strongly advise seeing it in person, up close, said Mark Edralin.

Danny Trejo was among the famous people who attended to take in the event.

“How are you doing? Being a part of this is how much fun? Oh my goodness, what a miracle, I opted to walk when the car broke down. good new year, everyone, and may god bless you “commented Danny Trejo.

The parade this year had 39 different floats. All of them were entirely covered in flowers or other organic stuff like leaves, seeds, or bark. Beginning with the understructure and finishing with the laborious job of putting the flowers and other materials, typically one piece at a time, the floats were painstakingly made over several months.

After the parade, the floats will be displayed at the Floatfest at Sierra Madre and Washington Boulevard so that onlookers can get a close-up look at the crafts. Mon. from 1 to 5 p.m. will see the Floatfest open.

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