Cardi B's Rant On Inflation
Cardi B's Rant On Inflation

Cardi B’s Rant On Inflation: Is This The Real Story Behind The Recent Hike In Grocery Prices?

Cardi B’s Rant On Inflation:¬†“Lettuce used to be like $2 per head a couple of months ago, and now it’s like $7 per head,” “Cardi B says in a video that has gone popular on Twitter.

Even though most celebrities do not have training or experience in economics, due to their reach and popularity, people will listen to their opinions on virtually any topic. This transpired when the famed rapper Cardi B launched an expletive-filled rant about the rising cost of food and inflation earlier this week.

In a video that lasted one minute and was uploaded to Cardi B’s Twitter account on January 4, she said that the price of everything lettuce had increased to the point where it was equivalent to seven dollars. “Of course, I’m going to say something, and that something is going to be, “The f***?!”

The video quickly gained traction and racked up more than 84,000 likes in less than 24 hours. Cardi B is an artist born in the Bronx and is now 30 years old, with over 27.5 million followers on Twitter and 148 million followers on Instagram. Her songs “I Like It” and “Girls Like You” have become internet sensations.

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Why Is Cardi B Furious About The Current Food Inflation Situation?

Cardi B begins the video by responding to critics who have suggested that she shouldn’t care about inflation since she is wealthy. She states that she is aware when she walks to the grocery store and that she “can’t even picture what middle-class folks […] are mother-f***ing thinking.”

She continues by demanding that “anyone accountable for these f***ing pricing put that sh*t the f**k down” and take action to bring the costs down.

Cardi B's Rant On Inflation
Cardi B’s Rant On Inflation

“You’re going to go broke soon because you’re not budgeting,” Cardi B says in another call-out to critics who say that those with her wealth (an estimated $40 million) do not need to worry about increases in prices that won’t make a significant difference to her because it won’t have a substantial impact on her lifestyle.

It is safe to say that rising food prices have not gone unnoticed by consumers of all income levels. According to one study published in the spring of 2016, 73% of households in the United States have reduced their spending on restaurants and takeout due to rising costs, while 57% of households have bought fewer groceries.

Is This The Real Story Behind The Recent Hike In Grocery Prices?

According to information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food prices increased by 10.6% between November 2021 and November 2022. The cost of food purchased for consumption at home rose at a rate that was even more rapid than the rate at which food was purchased for consumption in restaurants, at a rate of 12%. At the same time, a confluence of different factors led to certain pantry items, such as eggs, seeing price increases of nearly half that amount at one point in 2022.

The price of a gallon of milk at Walmart (WMT) – Get Free Report rose to $3.46 in August of last year, marking a 150.72% increase from the price of $1.38 in August of the previous year.

Avocados were another commodity that suffered double-digit inflation last summer due to a shortage in Mexico; however, the price of avocados has since come back to more reasonable levels. Extreme examples are generally the result of availability at a particular time. A large number of analysts believe that the most significant price hikes have already taken place.

But Cardi B’s speech on ‘groceries triples up’ has struck a chord. While the rapper’s skyrocketing popularity and unfiltered way of speaking helped her go viral, many individuals can identify with the experience of going to the grocery store and being astonished by how much they have to pay.

Cardi B is also renowned for posting fiery opinions on several topical issues. In the spring of 2020, when the covid-19 outbreak began spreading across the United States, the rapper shared a video on Instagram in which she declared, “S*** is getting real!” After being given a new spin by a well-known DJ, the clip quickly rose to the top of iTunes downloads and developed into an early pandemic anthem.

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