Dave & Buster's Co-Founder James "Buster" Corley Dies At 72!
Dave & Buster's Co-Founder James "Buster" Corley Dies At 72!

Dave & Buster’s Co-Founder James “Buster” Corley Dies At 72!

Dave & Buster’s Co-Founder James “Buster” Corley Dies At 72!

The well-known restaurant and entertainment franchise Dave & Buster’s co-founder, James “Buster” Corley, has passed away. He was 72.

In a statement announcing James “Buster” Corley’s passing, Dave & Busters referred to him as an “innovative and creative force.”

According to a statement from the business, “His pioneering attitude and unshakable belief that ‘everyone is somebody’ created the foundation for providing food and games to millions of Dave & Buster’s visitors over the past 40 years.

“Buster’s dedication to hospitality, his quest for perfection, and his genuine concern for his team members were unmatched. Our thoughts are with his family during this trying time, and even while we will miss his sage advice and his easy chuckle, the legacy he and Dave created survives,” the statement read.

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A guy with the same name was discovered Monday at a residence with what the Dallas Police Department described as an “apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.” He was transferred to a hospital, where he passed away, according to a statement from the police.

His daughter Kate Corley told CNN station WFAA-TV in a statement that her father had passed away.

“Buster Corley suffered a stroke four months ago that severely damaged the area of his brain responsible for communication and personality,” she said. The family requests discretion at this time.

Dave & Buster's Co-Founder James "Buster" Corley Dies At 72!
Dave & Buster’s Co-Founder James “Buster” Corley Dies At 72!

In the late 1970s, Corley had a restaurant with “tasty food and nice service” before the first Dave & Buster’s opened in Dallas in 1982. According to the business’ website, David Corriveau ran an “outrageous location for fun and gaming” close by.

Customers would frequent both locations, so the business owners collaborated to open the first Dave & Buster in Dallas, fusing food and arcade games.

According to the company’s history, Dave’s name was first because he prevailed in a coin flip. Before selling the company to a private equity firm in 2007, the two ran it as co-CEOs for several years.

In 2015, Corriveau passed away at the age of 63.

In 2014, Dave & Buster’s, which operates 150 locations around the US, went public. The restaurant is well-known for its “Eat Drink, Play and Watch” model, which mixes TVs, arcade games, and a full-service bar with a kitchen.

How Much Money Will James Buster Corley Have In 2023?

Suppose you’re interested in learning how much the late businessman James Buster Corley was worth. In that case, we can tell you that, according to several publications, Corley’s net worth was somewhere between $6 and $10 million.

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