Man Dies After LAPD Officers
Man Dies After LAPD Officers

Man Dies After LAPD Officers Use Taser on Him in Venice

Man Dies After LAPD Officers: According to LAPD officials, a man died on Tuesday after Venice police attempted to arrest him and deployed a Taser.

Following a car accident near Venice and Lincoln Boulevards at around 3:40 p.m., the guy, identified by the LAPD as Keenan Anderson, was running in the center of the street and “exhibiting erratic” behavior,” according to an LAPD news release. According to the announcement, Anderson was the one who caused the collision, according to several witnesses.

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Anderson was initially cooperative and sat down at the crossing as an LAPD officer spoke with him. According to the press statement, the officer asked for assistance with a DUI investigation.

According to the press release, Anderson abruptly took off as more police officers arrived, dashing down the middle of Venice Boulevard.

According to the press release, officers pursued him, caught up with him, and then engaged in a protracted battle with him while utilizing a Taser, their body weight, “strongholds,” and “joint locks.”

Anderson was “hobbled” at the ankles by the officers after they handcuffed him. According to the news release, Anderson was given first aid by Los Angeles Fire Department members at the site “for the deployment of the Taser” before being brought to a Santa Monica hospital.

Anderson suffered a heart arrest and passed away in the hospital. The LAPD did not disclose his age.

The Force Investigation Division of the LAPD is looking into Anderson’s death, which they are classifying as an in-custody fatality.

According to the LAPD, that same afternoon in South Los Angeles, cops shot and killed a guy carrying a sharp metal weapon.

The day before, police in Westlake fatally shot a guy they claimed had a big knife, according to the LAPD.

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