Texas Executes Former Police Officer Robert Fratta, Who Hired 2 People To Kill Wife

Texas Executes Former Police Officer Robert Fratta, Who Hired 2 People To Kill Wife!

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice carried out the first execution of 2023 on Tuesday night. According to authorities, Robert Fratta, 65, was executed for his part in the murder-for-hire plan against his wife in 1994 in the Houston suburbs.

According to TDCJ spokesman Robert Hurst, “Robert Fratta, a former Missouri City police officer, was convicted of capital murder for the 1994 fatal shooting of his wife, Farah, following a contentious divorce and custody struggle over their three children.” A jury concluded that Fratta hired Howard Guidry to murder using Joseph Prystash as an intermediary. They are both on death row, those two men.

The attorneys for Robert Fratta had pleaded with the US Supreme Court to halt the execution. They asserted that the prosecution had concealed that investigators had hypnotized a witness who testified during Fratta’s trial. The prosecution said that the hypnotherapy produced no new information. The US Supreme Court turned down the appeal.

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The medications used by the state to carry out the execution were allegedly outdated and risky, according to Robert Fratta’s attorneys, who had filed a separate action to try and stop it. An Austin court obtained a temporary injunction, but the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals later overturned it, and the Texas Supreme Court dismissed an appeal.

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