keenan anderson
keenan anderson

Keenan Anderson, the Cousin of the Co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Dies in Police Custody

A Los Angeles police officer used a Taser on Patrisse Cullors’s cousin after a car accident, shocking her several times. He died as a result of this.

Keenan Darnell Anderson, a resident of Los Angeles, took part in the January 3 incident. The police agency revealed body camera footage from Anderson’s arrest on Wednesday.

According to the authorities, Anderson was involved in an accident before attempting to flee. According to Cullors, her relative had approached the police and requested assistance.

And not once did any of the responding officers listen to him, she said over the phone.

A hospital is where 31-year-old Anderson, a black guy, passed away 4.5 hours after being taken into custody. He had a severe medical issue. Kelly Muiz, a police officer, said the following in a video statement:

The issue first appeared around 3:35 p.m. When a traffic collision in Los Angeles was reported, Muiz said that witnesses advised the responding officer to speak with Anderson, who “they stated had caused the automobile accident.”

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Anderson can be seen in the street from his body camera. He says to the officer, “Please help me,” before he flees.

The officer can be heard telling Anderson to “go to the side” in the footage. In reaction, Anderson claims he is the target of a murderous attempt. At the conclusion, Anderson steps out onto the sidewalk and raises his hands. I didn’t mean to,” he admits to the officer.

The officer orders Anderson to lean against the wall, as shown on camera. Conversely, Anderson knelt and placed his hands behind his head.

“Please. Please understand, Sir, I didn’t mean to. Please be kind. I’m sorry, “What Anderson says is captured on film.

Anderson explains to the policeman that he misplaced his key and had another person fix his automobile. Anderson declares once more that someone is attempting to kill him, and the officer inquires as to whom he is referring.

Today, I pulled off a prank,” says Anderson. “Sir, I did something amusing today.” I’ve got to. No, no, no, like.

Muiz reported that Anderson remained motionless for a while.

Anderson, however, “went into the middle of the street to try to get away as soon as the more officers arrived,” she claimed in the video testimony.

“Anderson was chased by the police, who ordered him to stop. Finally, Anderson was instructed to stop and lay down. Anderson grew irate, refused to cooperate, and resisted the cops as they attempted to take him into custody.

Anderson may be seen lying face down in the center of the road in front of a car on the body camera video. Multiple cops can be seen ordering him to lie on his stomach in the footage. They seize him if he doesn’t.

Anderson is heard in the video pleading, “Sir, please don’t do this.” “Help Me, Please, Please… They intend to harm me. Please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please.

If Anderson continues to resist arrest, the cops threaten to Taser him. In the footage, a cop who appears to be black restrains Anderson by placing his elbow on his neck.

Anderson screams, “They’re attempting to George Floyd me!” at one point. This alludes to the black man who died in May 2020 after being killed by Minneapolis police.

The footage shows an officer firing his Taser multiple times while Anderson and the police are fighting. According to Muiz and the video, he was detained and taken to an ambulance for a physical examination before the Taser was used. On January 3, at about 8:15 p.m., he passed away in the hospital.

According to Cullors, watching the body camera video was “shocking” and “unsettling.” Why did the police use force? She inquired. She added that she didn’t believe the police ought to be the first to assist with minor traffic issues.

“The ambulance and fire department should arrive if there is an accident.” There must be qualified experts who know how to deal with a crisis. If my cousin hadn’t had to speak with LAPD that day, “he would still be alive.”

Police Chief Michel Moore stated during a news conference on Wednesday that Anderson had hit and ran and attempted to “enter into another person’s automobile without their authorization.”

According to a toxicology report from the Police Department, Anderson had a cocaine metabolite and marijuana in his system, according to Muiz. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office will conduct one further toxicology test. No news regarding what transpired has surfaced.

Cullors stated that the family was more curious about the circumstances surrounding Anderson’s death than the toxicology report.

“Our family will never know what occurred that day because we weren’t there. We know that Keenan’s death was allegedly caused by an accident in which he requested assistance. “How did this lead to his demise?”

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