SeaWorld Provides Information About A Killer Whale Found Dead On A Florida Beach

Killer Whales Florida: Initial results from a necropsy on a killer whale discovered dead last week on a Florida beach indicate that “multiple ailments” were probably to blame for the animal’s demise, according to a statement from SeaWorld.

The female orca whale beached on the coast and was discovered dead at Palm Coast on January 11. Large crowds flocked to the region to see the whale, which was 9,000 pounds in weight and almost 22 feet long.

After helping in her rescue and transportation, SeaWorld commented, “Her demise is terrible, but she remains critically significant because of what the necropsy may tell about her species and what led to her stranding and death.”

What we discover will add to our understanding of this beautiful animal and contribute to preserving wild populations, especially the critically endangered Southern Resident killer whales of the Pacific Northwest.

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There are no indications that she was pregnant, she has not interacted with anyone, and there is no evidence of trauma. The update stated that there were symptoms of several ailments. Her necropsy report won’t be finished for several weeks or months since the samples will be shipped to labs nationwide for examination.

According to SeaWorld, a killer whale hasn’t been stranded on the Florida coast since 1956.

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