Jt Before Surgery
Jt Before Surgery

Jt Before Surgery: JT Addresses Fans’ Concerns About Plastic Surgery!

Jt Before Surgery: JT, one-half of the City Ladies, is mentioned again in discussions regarding plastic surgery. JT constantly defends herself online, whether it’s for criticism of her lyrical lyrics, dress choices, or relationship with fellow rapper Lil Uzi.

She is now speaking out to debunk rumors that she has had plastic surgery. Her fans immediately contrasted her present and previous appearances after a mugshot of the rapper emerged online. Her ardent fans deduced that she had a continuous flow of engagements and was getting the rest of her job in between.

JT displayed a side-by-side comparison of an old photo of herself from a few years ago and a recent one to demonstrate that she has not undergone any plastic surgery. “I’ve never had any surgery,” JT claimed. If it’s not too much trouble, I’ll leave my overweight, acne-prone teen years’ worth of mug shots alone. I was a misplaced adolescent sweltering in the Florida sun. So, now that I’ve been employed and cleaned up, here’s the deal.

JT recently had to defend her man, Lil Uzi, from internet trolls after a friendly discussion he had with her crew member, Yung Miami, on Instagram lives. Since then, JT has been unable to reactivate her Twitter account. Uzi maintains that everything was a prank. “That’s my GF’s closest mate,” she said as I started joking.

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JT Addresses Fans’ Concerns About Plastic Surgery!

Hearing rumors about their appearance due to plastic surgery is just one of the difficulties women in the Hip Hop industry face. JT of the City Young Ladies had to deal with some trolls on Instagram who wanted to make sure she was done working for the week by the weekend.

The Miami native was so taken with the before-and-after comparison of JT’s face that she shared a throwback photo of JT from before her celebrity grew. She admitted that her skin wasn’t great in the past, but her cherished face hasn’t altered.

The subtitle says, “I never had any surgery,” which is exactly what JT claimed. Please do not touch the booking images of my overweight teenage skin irritation. I was a misplaced adolescent sweltering in the Florida sun. So, now that I’ve been employed and cleaned up, here’s the deal.

JT isn’t renowned for remaining silent, so her appreciative claps at those who disagree with her are nothing new. JT took to Twitter this month to get her unusually candid view on how she and Lil Uzi Vert’s fan relationship fared when they didn’t talk about it.

Jt Before Surgery-

“Nah, it was wonderful when you all felt like he was teasing me, and you all were giggling now he adoring me in you all face, and it upsets bitches like you,” JT stated on Twitter on Walk 17.

You don’t want to see the next bitch thrilled about it because you know they can’t keep or receive crap from a nigga, do you? It’s my record, it’s my substance, but folks who tweet a lot about McChicken coochie tend to argue they’re spreading nonsense. If we’re going to be uneasy with each other, don’t bother following me.

Jt Helps City Girls Avoid Plastic Surgery Charges

City Young Ladies comprises the American hip-hop duo Yung Miami and JT. Caressa Romeka Brownlee created Yung Miami in February 1994. (December 1992; Jatavia Shakara Johnson; brainchild).

The Miami, Florida-based group rose to notoriety in 2018 after releasing an uncredited rendition of Drake’s chart-topping hit “In My Sentiments.”


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JT After Surgery

JT is the latest celebrity to be called out for allegedly altering her appearance with plastic surgery. Most fans think that their favorite celebs have attempted at least a couple of various operations now that Hollywood has finally caught on to the trend.

It was recently confirmed that the City Young Ladies rapper had a nose operation after a mugshot from when she was a teenager leaked online.

It’s natural for the rapper to look different as a child than she does today, but some of her fans believe JT had plastic surgery to change her appearance.

She’s been pursuing the claims about her plastic surgery history online ever since, with proof in the form of receipts. JT claims it’s unjust that an old mugshot is being used against her as evidence, and she maintains her skin has finally progressed to the next level.

The artist posted a selfie in which she didn’t wear any makeup. JT stated on Instagram, “I never had any surgery.” If possible, please refrain from using photographs of my chubby, acne-prone teen face.

I was a pallid kid suffering in the Florida sun when I got lost. Deal with it; I’ve grown up, showered, and redressed.

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