Orange County Public Defender Killed In Mexico
Orange County Public Defender Killed In Mexico

Orange County Public Defender Killed In Mexico Was ‘Brutal Crime,’ Family Says

Mexican authorities said they have not uncovered any proof to back up the allegations made by the family of an Orange County deputy public defender that he was killed in Mexico in the course of a “brutal crime.”

According to ABC News, Mexican police looking into Elliot Blair’s death returned to his hotel on Monday to reexamine any potential evidence.

Blair’s family has been raising concerns about his apparent fall from a hotel balcony that resulted in his death.

They request a homicide investigation because they believe he was killed due to illegal activity.

According to his family, Blair was not intoxicated when the incident occurred.

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However, according to Mexican authorities, their different search for proof did not indicate a fight or battle. They added that Blair’s body contained a sizable amount of alcohol.

Orange County Public Defender Killed In Mexico
Orange County Public Defender Killed In Mexico

The fresh discoveries followed a statement from Blair’s family’s attorney on Tuesday questioning whether the lawyer was a victim of a crime “accident or a horrific crime.

“According to attorney David Scarsone, Elliot Blair’s family is “totally devastated from the awful murder of this beautiful young man who was in Rosarito Beach celebrating his first wedding anniversary.”

Based on their initial investigation, the group “firmly feels that Elliot was the victim of a terrible crime.

The family was waiting to release a statement because it was “awaiting the information the Mexican government promised. However, it doesn’t seem like the family will receive such information directly.

While celebrating his first wedding anniversary in Mexico, Blair, 33, passed away early on Saturday. Since 2017, he has worked for the Orange County Public Defender’s Office.

The family claimed that neither Rosarito Beach police nor the district attorney’s office had directly communicated with them “or any other Mexican government representatives,” said Scarsone.

The only person the family has spoken to is a “liaison,” he added, with the neighborhood coroner’s office. Monday at around 2:00 pm, the liaison “Scarsone claimed that preliminary information suggested that severe head trauma was the cause of death and that the matter had been sent to the district attorney’s office for possible homicide investigation.

According to Scarsone, the family informed the liaison that they intended to launch a private inquiry with the help of a forensic pathologist.

Hours later, the family said it saw a news article quoting “Mexican officials” saying the death appeared to be owed to an “unfortunate accident,” according to Scarsone.

Blair’s wife Kim, according to the lawyer, has been informed, “There are several accounts of what happened to Elliott.

Scarsone claimed that Blair was a frequent guest of the couple’s at Las Rocas Resort and Spa for the previous five years and “speaks Spanish with ease.

The two had previously been in the room where they were this weekend, so Blair “was extremely familiar with the resort’s layout,” said Scarsone.

The incident did not occur off their room’s private balcony, nor any balcony, for that matter,” Scarsone said. “The incident occurred in an open-air walkway outside the front door of their room at Los Rocas Resort and Spa.”

Scarsone stated that Blair wasn’t intoxicated at the time. Public prosecutor “was discovered wearing only his underpants, a sleeping T-shirt, and socks,” claimed Scarsone.

A local funeral home’s representative and the authorities have “Scarsone advised cremating the body. However, the family requests the right to perform an autopsy on the body.

“Elliot was a brilliant attorney with a bright future,” Scarsone said in the statement. “Elliot’s smile was radiant and warmed the hearts of every person he came in contact with. Elliot had an innate ability to connect with people from all walks of life.”

Elliot was a loving husband, son, and brother. Elliot’s tragic, untimely, and suspicious death has left his family and community with a huge hole in their hearts that will never be repaired.”

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