Here's Why I Call New Democrat Coalition The 'Can Do Caucus'
Here's Why I Call New Democrat Coalition The 'Can Do Caucus'

Here’s Why I Call New Democrat Coalition The ‘Can Do Caucus’

Voters made their preferences known in the 2022 midterm elections: they supported mainstream Democrats committed to cooperation and producing tangible achievements for the American people while rejecting far-right extremism. The vast majority of these Democrats are members of the House’s center-left New Democrat Coalition, which has nearly 100 members.

As the Coalition’s chair, I know how hard our Members are working on getting past the Washington impasse and improving Americans’ lives. The New Democrats are the “Can Do Caucus” for this reason.

As a result of successfully fending off the much-anticipated “red tsunami,” our Members who ran in contested contests must now work across party lines to address the problems that matter most to Americans. Although we’ll fight tirelessly to regain the majority in 2024, we also realize that our country’s issues are too severe to wait until then.

For this reason, the New Democrats are dedicated to cooperating with reasonable Republicans to make progress on issues like raising the debt ceiling, changing our immigration policy, funding workforce development, addressing the crisis of substance abuse and mental health, and much more.

If any Democrats can advance this Congress, it’s the New Democrats, notwithstanding the difficulties of the minority. The American people can be confident that there are members of Congress who advocate for them because nothing will be passed into law in the 118th Congress without us.

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Sadly, the first few weeks of the Republican majority have demonstrated that finding bipartisan agreement will be difficult. Speaker Kevin McCarthy has already given in to the most extreme factions of his party instead of leading from the center and heeding the call for bipartisanship from the American people.

Here's Why I Call New Democrat Coalition The 'Can Do Caucus'
Here’s Why I Call New Democrat Coalition The ‘Can Do Caucus’

McCarthy’s dependence on a small group of extreme right-wing House Freedom Caucus members is evident in the Rules package and radical proposals the House GOP recently enacted. Even worse, the Office of Congressional Ethics, which works independently to improve accountability and openness in Congress, was weakened by a vote by House Republicans. These are the kinds of changes that encourage extremism and worsen traffic.

However, things don’t have to be this way. Republicans and Democrats may work together to draft legislation that increases the likelihood of compromise and bipartisanship rather than decreasing it, as has been demonstrated in state legislatures around the country, including Ohio.

The New Democrats will always fight to preserve our democratic institutions and unalienable rights, but we will also try to compromise with moderate Republicans. The average Members in the middle of this sharply divided Congress are undoubtedly the ones who best represent what the American people want: real progress. They come from both sides of the aisle.

Together, we must take action to combat inflation, make things more accessible, boost workforce development, reduce healthcare costs, implement sensible immigration reform, and deal with the crises of mental illness and substance abuse. The United States depends on us.

By utilizing the skills of our broad membership, investing in our relationships across the aisle, and strengthening our leadership, New Democrats will advance these objectives. The Democratic caucus is led by New Democrats, who are also leaders in the policy. With a slim Republican majority, we will set the agenda and negotiate agreements while collaborating with President Biden to continue the bipartisan achievements of his administration.

We had one of the most productive Congresses in recent memory, even though Democrats had the same margin as Republicans do now. This was made possible by strong Democratic leadership and our efforts to work across party lines.

New Democrats had a vital role in passing meaningful legislation, such as the CHIPS and Science Act, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and the Inflation Reduction Act. We will continue to provide results and stand for what Americans voted for—reason, accomplishments, and accountability—in the 118th Congress.

By protecting 22 Frontline Members and electing 17 new Members, New Dems are the Members who established the majority in 2018, covered it in 2020, and assisted in fending off the red wave in 2022. When we win the House in 2024, we’ll build on these accomplishments and again be the majority-making party.

But in the meanwhile, we will cooperate with House Republicans whenever possible, reject the radical agenda of the far-right, and use every effort to serve the interests of our voters. Nothing in this Congress will be passed into law without our members at the table. The New Democrats are prepared and eager to lead and deliver for the American people.

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