New Baltimore Bank Robbery Suspect Captured In Illinois

New Baltimore Bank Robbery Suspect Captured In Illinois: Was A Bank Robbed In Michigan?

HUDSON TOWNSHIP, Ill. — After stealing a truck in Indiana, crashing the stolen vehicle during a police chase, and fleeing on foot, the 18-year-old person of interest in the bank robbery in New Baltimore was shot and taken into custody on Friday in Illinois.

Jacob Robert Edwards, age 18, was brought into custody on Friday, as reported by the Vermilion County Sheriff’s Department. Edwards was found to be in the Hudson Township area of Illinois.

Was A Bank Robbed In Michigan?

At approximately 2:54 p.m. on Tuesday, January 17, a male dressed in a uniform from Jiffy Lube walked into the Huntington National Bank on Washington Street in New Baltimore.

New Baltimore Bank Robbery Suspect Captured In Illinois

Jacob Robert Edwards, 18 years old, has been recognized as the suspect by the police.

According to the authorities, he allegedly approached the teller with a note demanding money and claimed that he had armed accomplices outside the bank.

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Officials said that Edwards escaped the bank in a vehicle and evaded law authorities’ capture.

Why Was The Truck Driven Into Indiana Without Permission?

According to the authorities, Edwards stole a truck on Thursday, January 19, in Lafayette, Indiana.

After leading authorities on a chase through Henning, Illinois, the 18-year-old driver lost control of the truck and ran on foot. A firearm that had been reported stolen from the owner of the car was found by the authorities.

On Friday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a media notice warning of an “armed and dangerous Michigan bank robbery fugitive on the run.” The fugitive was wanted in connection with a bank robbery that occurred in Michigan.

Taken Into Custody In Illinois:

The individual was brought into jail, according to an afternoon announcement by the Vermilion County Sheriff’s Office on Friday.

The authorities claim that deputies were hunting for the 18-year-old when they received a call from a local neighbor who informed them that a man was banging on their door.

Edwards was located by responding officers in the neighborhood of the residence they were called to.

According to the police, the 18-year-old waved a gun at the cops, prompting one officer to shoot him. According to the officials, Edwards was taken to a nearby hospital to receive medical attention.

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