Are Ashley And Bar Still Together
Are Ashley And Bar Still Together

Are Ashley And Bar Still Together? When Did They Get Married Before ‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion’?

On Teen Mom: Family Reunion, we anticipated unexpected interactions between the cast members. Fans didn’t expect Ashley Jones to reveal that she and Bariki “Bar” Smith are married, though. During Teen Mom 2’s Season 10, they got engaged.

Before the debut of Teen Mom: Family Reunion, viewers believed the couple had secretly wed. And in the first episode of the series, Ashley tells Cheyenne Floyd that she agrees. However, not everything is ideal for them. They don’t even appear to be romantically involved during the filming.

The crucial question, though, is when the incident occurred. Similarly, we can now see individuals looking for Are Ashley And Bar Still Together? When Did Ashley And Bar Get Married Before ‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion’?

When Did Ashley And Bar Get Married Before ‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion’?

The question of Ashley’s relationship with Bar, whom Ashley had previously referred to as her “partner” rather than her husband, is posed by Cheyenne in the episode. Although they have a daughter together, the phrase makes sense given their on-again, off-again relationship.

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The language makes more sense when Ashley claims that she and Bar were married “five or six months” before Teen Mom: Family Reunion was filmed.

Are Ashley And Bar Still Together
Are Ashley And Bar Still Together

Filming will take place around September 2021, so Bar and Ashley will most likely wed in March or April 2021. But that doesn’t mean that all of their issues were resolved. When Ashley acknowledges that she and her new husband don’t get along very well, she explains to Cheyenne what Bar must do to demonstrate that he is responsible enough to work on their relationship.

“I have a lot of anger built up with Bar,” Ashley says in the Teen Mom: Family Reunion premiere. “I speak one language. He speaks another. And we don’t hear each other. We just do this,” she then bumps her fists together. “In order for me to put the ring back on, I need to see him do a few things. I need to see him go to school or get a trade. If you want to hunt chickens, hunt chickens. But do it [well], and be serious about the chickens.”

Are Ashley And Bar Together Now?

Ashley freely acknowledges that their bond was stronger while Bar was on house arrest. He reverted to his old behaviors after being released from house arrest. From Ashley’s perspective, Bar gave up on trying to establish himself.

During Season 10 of Teen Mom 2, viewers followed Bar’s struggles in school as he attempted to pass his GED. His lack of motivation strained his friendship with Ashley.

Ashley and Bar are married but apart during Teen Mom: Family Reunion. Ashley hasn’t revealed anything about her relationship status on social media since the filming was finished.

Before, while they were apart, they eventually reconciled. But when it comes to a love partner, Ashley is adamant about what she wants, so Bar will undoubtedly need to kick it up a notch.

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