Shannon Sharpe Dating
Shannon Sharpe Dating

Who Is Shannon Sharpe Dating? How Many Children Does Shannon Sharpe Have?

The purported love life of retired American football tight end Shannon Sharpe has recently made headlines. Everyone is interested in learning more about the mysterious woman Sharpe is rumored to be dating. The NFL legend’s admirers are eager to learn more about his current love life and what might have started this new connection. In this piece, we’ll examine Shannon Sharpe’s personal life in-depth and determine whether he has a serious relationship.

Who is Shannon Sharpe Dating?

At the moment, Shannon Sharpe is single.

Despite having spent most of his career in the spotlight, Sharpe wishes to maintain his privacy in his personal life. He has never been married or been with anyone else. He has been in at least four relationships before but never wed.

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Previous Relationships with Shannon Sharpe

Kanye Kellner and Shannon Sharpe

Shannon once had a romantic relationship with American fitness fanatic and trainer Katy Kellner. In 2013, Sharpe and Katy connected at a Thousand Oaks, California, gym. They started dating shortly after that. The couple had been spotted together several times in Los Angeles before they engaged in 2016.

They reportedly split up in 2018 after Shannon learned Katy was carrying Marlon Byrd, her business partner. When Katy gave birth to Marlon’s child in December of that same year, the two ceased to be seen together in public.

Erika Evans and Shannon Sharpe

Shannon had his first son, Kiari, two years into his NFL career in 1992. He never spoke in public about the mother of his child. Erika Evans ultimately filed a lawsuit against Shannon, claiming that he forced her to leave his home, and as a result, his fans eventually found out who Kiari’s mother was.

Shannon Sharpe Dating-

Michelle Bundy and Shannon Sharpe

Shannon and Michelle Bundy were involved in a tumultuous relationship in 2010. She identified herself as Shannon’s girlfriend and leveled numerous complaints against him, including one of sexual assault. Because of this, a criminal investigation was carried out, and the court learned that she had made up her story.

Nicole Murphy and Shannon Sharpe

Additionally, Nicole Murphy, the ex-wife of Eddie Murphy, and Shannon have been romantically linked. The couple was widely believed to be dating after their appearance on a date in 2017. Shannon had mentioned Nicole in a tweet before their meeting, which led most of his followers to believe he was attracted to her.

How Many Children Does Shannon Sharpe Have?

The American celebrity has three kids: a son Kiari, daughters Kayla and Kaley, and a daughter. His three former partners’ children currently reside with their mothers. The distinctiveness of her daughters’ mothers is unknown, except for Kiari’s mother, whose identity is well-known.

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