Lisa Hochstein Before Plastic Surgery

What Was Look Lisa Hochstein Before Plastic Surgery?

Reality television star and social media influencer Lisa Hochstein is best known for her role in the Bravo series ‘The Real Housewives of Miami.’

She has been transparent and revealed everything she went through with her family and her emotional struggles. Similarly, she has discussed the subject of her plastic procedures in a very forthright manner.

People have compared the before and after images of the reality television star, and most of them have concluded that she has had work done on herself; in other words, she has chosen to undergo plastic surgery to alter her face.

Why Did Lisa Get Plastic Surgery?

Lisa Hochstein has had breast augmentation surgery and other cosmetic operations, such as filling her cheeks and lips with filler.

According to Daily Mail, she stated during one episode of Real Housewives of Miami that she “absolutely had an addiction” to face stuffing.

Lisa Hochstein Before Plastic Surgery

She admitted that her husband, Lenny worked as a plastic surgeon, made it very simple for her to obtain injectables, which led to her going overboard with the procedure.

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Lisa’s perspective on cosmetic operations has evolved recently, and as a result, she will soon be getting her facial filler removed.

According to Page Six, Lisa has already cut “a lot of filler” from the manuscript. She asserted that laser treatments and peels are more effective than fillers and told the publication that filler is “not the answer” to achieving a youthful appearance.

What Does Lisa Hochstein Look Like Before And After Plastic Surgery?

When we look back to 2019, Lisa had undergone cosmetic treatments, but she appeared to have a substantially lower amount of filler than now.

A post from June that year almost completely transforms her into someone else.

The photograph taken of Lisa on the day of her wedding in 2009 and included in a throwback post she published in 2017 reveals the most remarkable alteration. Lisa Hochstein before plastic surgery: In the picture [below], she appears younger.

Lisa’s face has seen significant transformations ever since she wed Lenny. Still, we should be able to anticipate seeing a more natural-looking version of her when she has additional filler removed.

Not to be forgotten is a throwback picture of Lisa and Lenny from Halloween 2008, when she had brown hair and was dressed as Tinkerbell for a holiday. This was before she had many additional cosmetic treatments.

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