Lauren London Dating
Lauren London Dating

Here’s What We Know About Lauren London’s Dating History

The most recent comedy to dominate Netflix is “You People.” The film, which stars Jonah Hill, Lauren London, Eddie Murphy, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, tells the story of a young couple named Amira and Ezra who want to get married but are waiting for their parents’ blessing first. That’s easier said than done because they come from different backgrounds.

You may recognize London from previous films, including “ATL,” “I Love You, Beth Cooper,” “This Christmas,” and most recently, “Without Remorse” if you have previously seen the movie. She has also been on programs including “The Game,” “Games People Play,” and “True Story” on television.

Although she has had a few public relationships over the years, London prefers to keep her private life apart from her professional job. She has dated well-known musicians since first coming to public attention in the early 2000s; her most recent union was with the late Nipsey Hussle.

For a detailed account of her dating history, continue reading.

Here’s What We Know About Lauren London’s Dating History

Nipsey Hussle, the father of Lauren’s now four-year-old son, and Lauren had a long-term romance before he passed away in November 2019. The rapper and Lauren first connected on social media when Lauren wanted to purchase copies of his hugely successful mixtape “Crenshaw,” which they started dating in 2013.

Here’s What We Know About Lauren London’s Dating History

The rapper and Lauren London kept in touch online and eventually met in person. The rapper owned the Marathon Clothing company. She stated, “I wasn’t dating anyone at the time or doing anything like that,” in a GQ interview. I intended to pick up a box of clothing he offered me after I purchased a few copies of “Crenshaw,” so we ended up meeting. You want to hang out? he asked as I approached his store on Crenshaw and Slauson.

We had spoken on the phone for about eight hours before that, but this was our first face-to-face interaction. After kicking it daily for a few weeks, I realized that we never went out to dinner or even had an actual first date. From there, everything was simple. She continued being in each other’s lives felt natural to her.

Before the rapper’s passing, Lauren and Nipsey were parents to their son Kross, Emani, Nipsey’s daughter, and Kameron Carter, Lauren’s oldest child from a prior relationship with musician Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne And Lauren Have A Son And Were Previously Engaged

Lauren London dated Lil Wayne intermittently from 1998 to 2009 before starting a relationship with Nipsey. In a rare interview, Lauren—who was 15 when she first met the rapper—spoke candidly about their previous union.


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She said I’d known him for a long time, and we had a failed relationship. We made numerous attempts to make it work, and years ago, we briefly got engaged but ultimately split up. People assume they know who “Lil Wayne” really is when they see his public persona. My son’s father is a wonderful man who will always be a good friend. He is wise, caring, and lovable—all of that.

Lauren has had romantic ties to rapper Neef Buck and professional skateboarder Terry Kennedy in addition to her sporadic romance with Lil Wayne. Later, fans began to believe that she and Trey Songz were dating, but she later refuted this.

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